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A Shiny New Payroll Dashboard On The Justworks Product

Posted January 16, 2014 by Justworks in Justworks Love
Our new payroll dashboard allows you to add employees to the Justworks system, schedule one-off payments, and turn on payroll and benefits.

We've just rolled out an even clearer payroll dashboard to all our customers. It makes it dead-simple to do the things you want to do:

  • Add your employees to the system (and have them complete most of their info on their end!)
  • Schedule one-off payments (for example, when a contractor completes a project. Remember, we handle these payments for free, and generate 1099s for you!)
  • Get your payroll and benefits turned on when you're ready to go.

Additionally, when you sign up now, there's an easy-to-read progress bar that tells you what the next step you need to take is, to complete our famously fast setup process.

Want to sign up? Want to learn more? Leave a comment here, read more about us on our homepage, or drop us an email at

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