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Benefits and Perks
How Much Health Insurance Should a Small Business Offer Employees?
POSTED ON August 15 IN Benefits and Perks
As a small business, how do you determine how much health insurance to offer your employees? By answering these three simple questions, you’ll be on track to determining the right solution for your company.
Benefits and Perks
3 Questions To Ask Before Picking Your Company's Health Insurance
POSTED ON August 1 IN Benefits and Perks
Hooray! You've decided to offer health insurance to your employees. Know the questions to ask before you choose what insurance your employees will have access to.
Managing Your Team
3 Surefire Ways to Make Your Remote Employees Loathe You
POSTED ON January 27 IN Managing Your Team
Keeping remote employees engaged requires a different set of management muscles. Learn what to do — and what to avoid — to manage a remote team.
Keeping Compliant
IRS Form 941: Know The Basics
POSTED ON January 25 IN Keeping Compliant
We made this simple guide to IRS Form 941, the form required when employers need to report withholdings from employees. Discover important info about the Employer’s Quarterly Tax Form and what you need to do to stay compliant.
Keeping Compliant
IRS Form 940: Important Instructions for Employers
POSTED ON January 13 IN Keeping Compliant
Created to comply with the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA), Form 940 — your Annual Federal Unemployment tax return — is just one of the many important tax documents the IRS requires businesses to file.
Running a Business 101
Breaking Down Your W-2 Form
POSTED ON December 30 IN Running a Business 101
Unlike many tax documents, the W-2 form is rather straightforward. Justworks breaks it down, box by box, to explain what each one means. Learn more.
Managing Your Team
The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Company Retreat
POSTED ON May 4 IN Managing Your Team
Company retreats can be a waste of time if you let them. Follow these steps to have a meaningful offsite - no corny team building activities required.
Running a Business 101
Know the Basics: C-Corporation Advantages and Disadvantages
POSTED ON January 4 IN Running a Business 101
Forming a C-Corporation is important if you're looking to raise money, but the added paperwork can be a disadvantage.
Keeping Compliant
Know the Basics: Form 1094-C
POSTED ON December 14 IN Keeping Compliant
Treat the Form 1094-C as a coversheet for the Form 1095-C to avoid paying compliance fines.