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Keeping Compliant
What You Need to Know About New York State's New IVF Mandate
POSTED ON November 14 IN Keeping Compliant
New York State just passed a new IVF mandate for 2020. Find out what it is and how it could affect your company.
Managing Your Team
16 Office Holiday Party Ideas for Teams of Every Size (and Budget)
POSTED ON November 8 IN Managing Your Team
Want to breathe some life into a stale office holiday party? We have office party ideas for all types of teams.
Benefits and Perks
What’s the Difference Between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA?
POSTED ON October 25 IN Benefits and Perks
Planning for your financial future can seem like a far off goal, but the sooner you understand how different retirement accounts work, the more prepared you’ll be for your future.
Keeping Compliant
Federal Overtime Rules Are Changing – Here’s What You Need to Know
POSTED ON October 18 IN Keeping Compliant
The US Department of Labor recently changed national rules regarding overtime pay. Learn more about what’s changed and which employees are exempt from overtime pay.
Running a Business 101
5 Major Features Your Online Payroll Software Should Have
POSTED ON October 18 IN Running a Business 101
Need a hand with payroll? We break down 5 important features you should look for in your online payroll software.
Product Lab
New Payroll Report Features to Help You Better Navigate and Understand Payments
POSTED ON October 18 IN Product Lab
It’s easier than ever to understand your payroll data. Learn how to utilize our new payroll report features in Justworks.
Keeping Compliant
What You Should Know About AB5, California’s New Employment Law
POSTED ON October 16 IN Keeping Compliant
California’s new employment law, AB5, is the latest development in the adoption of more stringent standards for businesses classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Here’s what you need to know about the changes.
Benefits and Perks
Why Disability Insurance Matters for Your Company
POSTED ON October 15 IN Benefits and Perks
Is your company looking into short-term and long-term disability insurance? Here’s why it might benefit your business.
Benefits and Perks
What is Disability Insurance, and Should You Offer it to Employees?
POSTED ON October 11 IN Benefits and Perks
Should your company offer disability insurance? Learn the difference between long-term and short-term disability insurance, and how these differ from workers' compensation.