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Managing Your Team
Coping with Unexpected Staffing Changes: More From the Experts
POSTED ON May 13 IN Managing Your Team
Staffing changes are a difficult reality for employers amid COVID-19. Discover more around coping through our Q&A with experts from Justworks and Octave.
Managing Your Team
How to Provide Workplace Support When an Employee Passes Away
POSTED ON May 11 IN Managing Your Team
Handling a death in the workplace is never easy, and it can be even harder during a pandemic. Here's how to best care for your team during a difficult transition.
Managing Your Team
Filing for Unemployment: What You Should Know
POSTED ON April 28 IN Managing Your Team
Filing for unemployment has become increasingly more common due to COVID-19. It’s important to act fast, and we’ll walk you through the process.
Benefits and Perks
Take These 3 Steps When Making Company Leave Policies
POSTED ON April 8 IN Benefits and Perks
During this unprecedented time, having a leave policy in place is more important than ever. We’ve got the basics to creating your leave policy.
Running a Business 101
The CARES Act: Understand Your Business's Options for COVID-19 Relief
POSTED ON March 28 IN Running a Business 101
President Trump has signed Congress’ “Phase III” relief package into law. We’ve broken down several key programs, so you can make the right decisions to protect your business and take care of your team.
Managing Your Team
Creative Staffing Solutions: Paid and Unpaid Leave, Layoffs, and More
POSTED ON March 23 IN Managing Your Team
COVID-19 has caused many business owners to face difficult decisions when it comes to staffing. In this post, we hope to help you understand some of your options.
Keeping Compliant
6 Paid and Unpaid Leave Laws Every Employer Should Know About
POSTED ON March 19 IN Keeping Compliant
From mandated sick leave to the Family Medical Leave Act, here are six different laws companies should know when crafting employee leave policies.
Managing Your Team
Working Remotely Amid COVID-19: How to Increase Productivity Outside the Office
POSTED ON March 13 IN Managing Your Team
The ability to work remotely is important as we navigate COVID-19, but many people aren’t sure how to work from home productively. Try these top tips during this difficult time.
Managing Your Team
Start an Employee Recognition Program in 5 Steps
POSTED ON March 6 IN Managing Your Team
Employee appreciation is important for keeping office morale high. Here's how to start an effective employee recognition program.