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Running a Business 101
The Ins and Outs of Supplemental Wages
POSTED ON April 18 IN Running a Business 101
Do your employees receive supplemental wages? Learn the differences between supplemental and regular wages as they relate to overtime pay, and stay on the path to compliance.
Hiring and Onboarding
6 Simple Tips for Hiring Interns Legally
POSTED ON April 16 IN Hiring and Onboarding
Hiring interns sounds easy, but it could actually ensnare your company in legal battles. Find out how to protect your company when hiring interns.
Managing Your Team
Values-Led Innovation: Making Team Management Easier
POSTED ON April 12 IN Managing Your Team
Justworks’ company values drive everything we do, including what we build for our customers. As these small businesses grow, they face new challenges. How does Justworks help solve for them? Find out.
Managing Your Team
What is Overtime Pay?
POSTED ON April 9 IN Managing Your Team
What is overtime pay? Understanding what overtime is and how to properly pay overtime wages is an important component of running a business. Learn more about how to manage labor costs and limit your exposure to liability.
Benefits and Perks
PEO vs Brokers for Employee Health Benefits
POSTED ON March 26 IN Benefits and Perks
Health benefits brokers and PEOs are both experts in their respective industries. Which option is the best fit for your business?
Justworks Love
Why We’re Adding Men to Justwomen
POSTED ON March 19 IN Justworks Love
Since 2014, Justworks has proudly hosted the Justwomen series. Aimed at creating a space for women in business to celebrate their achievements, these events have generated amazing dialogues. Now, it's time for an update...
Benefits and Perks
How to Offer a Great Employee Benefits Package for Your Nonprofit
POSTED ON March 15 IN Benefits and Perks
If you’re running a nonprofit, providing the benefits people want can be the difference-maker in retaining top talent. We break down how to offer your employees great company benefits, even on a tight budget.
Hiring and Onboarding
Hiring Interns, The Legal Way
POSTED ON March 7 IN Hiring and Onboarding
Did you know that hiring unpaid interns may actually violate state and federal labor laws? Here's how to play it safe and protect your company.
Managing Your Team
How to Handle Wages When an Employee Dies
POSTED ON February 22 IN Managing Your Team
The death of an employee is a difficult time for everyone. Here are best practices for handling a deceased employee's wages.