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Keeping Compliant
What End-of-Year Forms Do Small Businesses Need To File?
POSTED ON December 6 IN Keeping Compliant
It's that time of year again. We made a list of forms and due dates your company will need to file in the coming months.
Keeping Compliant
Use Our Simple Checklist for Your Business’ End-of-Year Tasks
POSTED ON December 1 IN Keeping Compliant
Tax filings and paperwork don’t have to be scary. This end of year checklist helps you keep track of key documents and deadlines.
Managing Your Team
Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for Teams Near and Far
POSTED ON November 30 IN Managing Your Team
Do you want to throw your employees a virtual holiday party? We’ve got remote- and hybrid-friendly event ideas for teams near and far.
Managing Your Team
The Importance of Tracking Leave With Unlimited PTO
POSTED ON November 22 IN Managing Your Team
Tracking unlimited PTO helps prevent burnout by encouraging employees to take enough time off while also revealing performance management concerns.
Benefits and Perks
Employee Fringe Benefits — What Are They, Exactly?
POSTED ON October 8 IN Benefits and Perks
This helpful guide walks through the basics of fringe benefits and how they're taxed, which is important for every employer to know.
Benefits and Perks
Know Which Fringe Benefits Are Reportable for the Holidays [eBook]
POSTED ON September 23 IN Benefits and Perks
Which employee gifts and fringe benefits count as taxable income? This guide will help you out.
Benefits and Perks
Taxable vs Non-Taxable Fringe Benefits: What Can Be Excluded From Income
POSTED ON September 23 IN Benefits and Perks
The tax treatment of fringe benefits can be daunting to any employer. This starter guide gives some common employee fringe benefits that can be excluded from income.
Georgia Labor Laws that Matter to Your Businesses (2021)
POSTED ON September 21
Consider these labor laws that could impact your business when it comes to minimum wage, overtime, and paid sick leave.
Colorado Labor Laws for Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Paid Sick Leave (2021)
POSTED ON September 21
If you have a business in Colorado, consider these state requirements for minimum wage, overtime, and paid sick leave.