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Hiring and Onboarding
13 Ways To Onboard Happy Employees and Increase Retention
POSTED ON June 24 IN Hiring and Onboarding
A good onboarding process can help you increase retention and make sure new hires get up and running quickly. Get our favorite tips for better onboarding.
Hiring and Onboarding
Justworks has a Great Work Culture. Here’s How We Hire to Keep It.
POSTED ON June 21 IN Hiring and Onboarding
Hiring for cultural fit can be more complex than it seems. Learn how Justworks keeps our company values as we grow, and how you can do the same.
Managing Your Team
How to Give Better Constructive Feedback to Your Colleagues
POSTED ON June 6 IN Managing Your Team
Ready to overcome your fear of giving feedback? Here’s your step-by-step guide for giving better feedback to your teammates.
Hiring and Onboarding
Hiring Interns, The Legal Way
POSTED ON May 21 IN Hiring and Onboarding
Did you know that hiring unpaid interns may actually violate state and federal labor laws? Here's how to play it safe and protect your company.
Benefits and Perks
What is a Health Savings Account? Your HSA Questions, Answered
POSTED ON May 13 IN Benefits and Perks
Not sure what health savings accounts (HSAs) are all about? Learn what an HSA is, what the benefits are, and how to set one up.
Benefits and Perks
Know the Basics: What is an FSA?
POSTED ON May 9 IN Benefits and Perks
What is a flexible spending account? Here, discover how FSAs work, the advantages and disadvantages, and more.
Managing Your Team
How to Work From Home: Tips to Increase Productivity Outside the Office
POSTED ON May 6 IN Managing Your Team
The ability to work remotely is a great perk, but many people aren’t sure how to work from home in a productive way. Here, find some of our top tips.
Product Lab
Using Justworks to Access Mental Health Services: An Overview
POSTED ON April 26 IN Product Lab
Did you know you can utilize Justworks to access mental health providers and services? In this post, we break down how benefits-eligible customers can do just that.
Keeping Compliant
6 Small Business Tax Deductions To Remember
POSTED ON April 3 IN Keeping Compliant
There are many small business tax write-offs that owners can apply to try and save money on their taxes. Here, find a few key examples.