Kristin Hoppe

Kristin is a content producer at Justworks.

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Running a Business 101
What is Co-Employment? A Quick Guide for Companies
POSTED ON June 2 IN Running a Business 101
Learn how a co-employment model can help your business save time and money on day-to-day tasks.
Keeping Compliant
OASDI Tax: How Contributions Differ for Employers and the Self Employed
POSTED ON May 12 IN Keeping Compliant
OASDI, or Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance, refers to Social Security and Medicare. Learn about OASDI tax, including FICA, SECA, contribution limits, self-employed contributions, and more.
Managing Your Team
20 Easy Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace
POSTED ON March 2 IN Managing Your Team
Healthy communication is the best foundation for any business. Discover several easy ways to improve communication among your team members.
Managing Your Team
The Many Benefits of Peer Mentoring in the Workplace
POSTED ON December 5 IN Managing Your Team
Mentoring in the workplace adds value in more ways than you’d think. Here’s why peer mentoring is so beneficial to your employees.
Managing Your Team
These Team Bonding Ideas Will Surprise and Delight Your Company
POSTED ON November 28 IN Managing Your Team
Justworks gave our customers money to spend on team bonding activities — and the results were surprising.
Managing Your Team
10 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress
POSTED ON November 17 IN Managing Your Team
Stressed out employees are bad for profits and morale. Here’s how to help your team perform at their very best.
Managing Your Team
Employee Productivity: Encourage Deep Work With These 5 Tips
POSTED ON October 24 IN Managing Your Team
Discover these simple and effective ideas to boost employee productivity and encourage greater employee focus for "deep work."
Running a Business 101
[Infographic] How Companies Are Leveraging the Gig Economy
POSTED ON October 16 IN Running a Business 101
Learn how small-to-medium-sized businesses are expanding their partnerships with freelancers across the United States as part of the "gig economy."
Hiring and Onboarding
Hiring? Our Employee Onboarding Checklist Simplifies the Process
POSTED ON September 25 IN Hiring and Onboarding
A new hire means lots of paperwork. This checklist will streamline the process.