Moses Balian

Moses is a Certified HR Consultant at Justworks.

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Managing Your Team
An Employer’s Primer on Dealing with Rumors in the Workplace
POSTED ON May 1 IN Managing Your Team
From speculation about who’s getting a promotion to the latest office romance, rumors in the workplace can damage morale. Get ahead of them by following these helpful tips.
Managing Your Team
Discussing Mental Health: Best Practices for Managers and Employees
POSTED ON April 24 IN Managing Your Team
Discussing mental health issues in the workplace is difficult. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, discover some best practices to help you with these conversations.
Managing Your Team
Statutory or Discretionary Leave of Absence: What’s the Difference?
POSTED ON February 15 IN Managing Your Team
For employers, creating a leave of absence policy can be one of the more complicated aspects of HR. Learn about discretionary and statutory leave, and what it means for your business.
Benefits and Perks
Can You Foster Inclusion with Floating Holidays? We Say Yes
POSTED ON December 19 IN Benefits and Perks
Allowing for flexibility in your paid time off or holiday pay policy helps foster inclusion in the workplace. Here, dive into the perks of personal days and floating holidays.
Managing Your Team
Is It Workplace Bullying or a Hostile Work Environment?
POSTED ON November 20 IN Managing Your Team
What’s the difference between a hostile work environment and workplace bullying? Explore both issues, and learn how you can you prevent them from arising at your company.
Keeping Compliant
When to Pay Employees for Travel Time: A Quick Guide
POSTED ON September 19 IN Keeping Compliant
Employers might not consider when or how to pay employees for travel time until they’re about to hit the road. Here, learn the ins and outs so you and your business are prepared.
Keeping Compliant
Growing Businesses, Take Note: Key Federal Employment Laws to Know
POSTED ON July 16 IN Keeping Compliant
For a growing business, scaling your team brings both opportunities and challenges. Keeping track of which employment laws apply to your company size can be tough. Here, find a roundup of some key federal regulations to know.
Managing Your Team
To Maintain Employee Morale Through Big Changes, Communicate Wisely
POSTED ON June 22 IN Managing Your Team
For employers, keeping their team in the dark through times of change can lead to low employee morale and even distrust. But through proactive communication in the workplace, you can keep things on track. Discover our tips.
Keeping Compliant
So You’ve Received an EEOC Charge Alleging Discrimination: Now What?
POSTED ON June 8 IN Keeping Compliant
Receiving a charge from the EEOC is challenging for any business. Whether the charge alleges discrimination, harassment, or another wrongful employment action, these claims must be addressed carefully. Here, find tips for responding to a charge.