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Benefits and Perks
How to Help Your Team Prep for Open Enrollment
POSTED ON September 17 IN Benefits and Perks
Take the stress out of open enrollment through proactive employee communication and resources. Discover best practices and how to simplify benefits enrollment.
Benefits and Perks
In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Healthcare Providers: What’s the Difference?
POSTED ON September 2 IN Benefits and Perks
Discover what in-network and out-of-network means in health insurance and find out why network matters so much when choosing a health plan or medical provider.
Benefits and Perks
Common Healthcare Questions for Startups and New Businesses
POSTED ON August 17 IN Benefits and Perks
Get the facts about health insurance for small businesses and startups. Discover how to get reasonably priced access to the same group plans large employers offer.
Benefits and Perks
Open Enrollment Essentials: A Few Fast Facts You Should Know
POSTED ON August 10 IN Benefits and Perks
Choosing the right health insurance plan during open enrollment season can be confusing. Here are a few essential facts about open enrollment you’ll need to know.
Benefits and Perks
Here’s What the Health Insurance Renewals Process Looks Like
POSTED ON August 6 IN Benefits and Perks
Every year, companies sign up for new health insurance plans or renew their plans from the previous year. Here’s what companies can expect during health insurance renewals.
Benefits and Perks
5 Reasons People Overlook Disability Insurance (But Probably Shouldn’t)
POSTED ON July 30 IN Benefits and Perks
Why do many people lack disability insurance coverage despite the financial impact of losing their income due to a serious injury or illness?
Benefits and Perks
Why are Healthcare Costs Continuing to Rise?
POSTED ON July 28 IN Benefits and Perks
Healthcare costs are on the rise, and individual Americans — and their employers — are continuing to pay the price. Who (or what) is to blame for this trend?
Benefits and Perks
Pregnancy and Family Planning During COVID-19
POSTED ON July 8 IN Benefits and Perks
We collaborated with Kindbody and One Medical for a webinar covering how pregnancy and family planning has been impacted by COVID-19. Read on to learn more.
Benefits and Perks
Health Insurance Renewals at Justworks: What Customers Can Expect
POSTED ON June 29 IN Benefits and Perks
Our goal is always to create a seamless health insurance renewals process. But this year, we also asked ourselves what could be fundamentally different—and better—about the experience for customers.