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Looking Back on 2020: Product Launch Highlights From This Year
POSTED ON December 28 IN Justworks Love
Supporting small businesses was more important than ever this year. Learn how we helped customers navigate COVID-19 and who we welcomed to the Justworks family!
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TLC Blog Announcement
POSTED ON October 16 IN Justworks Love
Learn more about how we updated the Justworks brand with a new logo, new typography, and new colors to represent the growth and evolution of our company.
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Black Lives Matter: 90 Days Later
POSTED ON September 3 IN Justworks Love
On June 4, 2020, we published a set of Black Lives Matter commitments. Here is how we are doing and what we have learned so far.
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Learning by Doing: How and Why Justworks Compensates our ERG Leads
POSTED ON July 23 IN Justworks Love
ERG Leads have an outsized impact on our company's work culture. As our program has evolved, we decided to better reward and recognize them for their contributions.
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Black Lives Matter
POSTED ON June 4 IN Justworks Love
Black Lives Matter and we can’t be a nation where all people are created equal unless we recognize, confront, and eradicate racism.
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Lessons Learned from Work From Anywhere Week: Traveling with Coworkers
POSTED ON June 26 IN Justworks Love
For the second Justworks Work From Anywhere week, several coworkers decided to hit the road together. Discover their top tips for combining work and travel.
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Hustling With Heart: Self-Care and Wellness for Professional Women
POSTED ON February 13 IN Justworks Love
What does it really means for today’s professional women to achieve mental, physical, and financial wellness? Our latest Justwomen event tackled this question.
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Justwomen "Hustle With Heart" Aims to Help Women Achieve Their Goals
POSTED ON January 30 IN Justworks Love
Work-life balance is hard when you're fighting for professional milestones. Our event explored mental, physical, and financial wellness topics for women in business.
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Designing Diversity and Inclusion at Justworks
POSTED ON June 5 IN Justworks Love
Justworks employees helped solve for diversity and inclusion in our company. Learn how we tackled the problem with design thinking.