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Keep your business compliant with federal and state regulations, so you can focus on building your business and growing your team.

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Keeping Compliant
Revisiting the NY Dept. of Labor Salary Thresholds for Exempt Employees
POSTED ON December 27 IN Keeping Compliant
New York employers: Learn about the increased salary threshold for exempt employees in 2019 and beyond.
Keeping Compliant
What End Of Year Forms Do Small Businesses Need To File?
POSTED ON December 20 IN Keeping Compliant
It's that time of year again. We made a list of forms and due dates your company will need to file in the coming months.
Keeping Compliant
Use Our Simple Checklist for Your Business’ End of Year Tasks
POSTED ON December 13 IN Keeping Compliant
Tax filings and paperwork don’t have to be scary. This end of year checklist helps you keep track of key documents and deadlines.
Keeping Compliant
Can I Leave Work to Vote? Check Your State's Voting Laws First
POSTED ON November 5 IN Keeping Compliant
Do you know what kind of rights you have when it comes to taking time off work to vote? Employers and employees alike should get to know their state and local voting laws.
Keeping Compliant
Get Guidance on Creating a Harassment-free Workplace in this Webinar
POSTED ON November 2 IN Keeping Compliant
HR and compliance experts from Justworks and EVERFI bring you the guidance you need to build a safe, harassment-free workplace in this free webinar. Watch the video to learn more.
Keeping Compliant
What the Updates to the Fair Credit Reporting Act Mean For Employers
POSTED ON October 25 IN Keeping Compliant
The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law that protects consumers’ privacy. Some of its provisions apply to employers, too. Learn about the latest update impacting employers.
Keeping Compliant
When to Pay Employees for Travel Time: A Quick Guide
POSTED ON September 19 IN Keeping Compliant
Employers might not consider when or how to pay employees for travel time until they’re about to hit the road. Here, learn the ins and outs so you and your business are prepared.
Keeping Compliant
Your Workers' Compensation Insurance Primer
POSTED ON August 16 IN Keeping Compliant
Workers' comp insurance is something employers may be required to provide to cover injuries, illnesses or death that may occur on the job. Learn more about workers’ compensation, and how your company can stay compliant.
Keeping Compliant
Busting 4 Common Myths Around Employees and Independent Contractors
POSTED ON August 6 IN Keeping Compliant
Many employers face confusion when it comes to classifying their workers as employees or independent contractors. In this post, we’re busting four common myths to help business owners get it right.