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Managing Your Team
Try These 35 Inexpensive Employee Appreciation Day Ideas
POSTED ON February 25 IN Managing Your Team
Whether it’s Employee Appreciation Day or any other day you choose, taking a chance to reward your team for their hard work is always a good idea. Can you do it on a tight budget? Absolutely!
Managing Your Team
Statutory or Discretionary Leave of Absence: What’s the Difference?
POSTED ON February 15 IN Managing Your Team
For employers, creating a leave of absence policy can be one of the more complicated aspects of HR. Learn about discretionary and statutory leave, and what it means for your business.
Managing Your Team
Is It Workplace Bullying or a Hostile Work Environment?
POSTED ON November 20 IN Managing Your Team
What’s the difference between a hostile work environment and workplace bullying? Explore both issues, and learn how you can you prevent them from arising at your company.
Managing Your Team
5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Flexible Work Policy
POSTED ON November 16 IN Managing Your Team
Whether it’s written in your company policies or practiced as part of your company culture, here are some things to keep in mind when considering flexible working schedules for your team.
Managing Your Team
Create a Workplace That Veterans (and Non-Vets!) Will Appreciate
POSTED ON November 12 IN Managing Your Team
Military veterans bring unique perspectives and skills to teams of all kinds. For employers looking to hire veterans, here are some tips for creating a more veteran-friendly workplace.
Managing Your Team
Get Out the Vote: Ways to Motivate Employees to Make it to the Polls
POSTED ON October 29 IN Managing Your Team
With midterms and local elections in the news, it’s clear the importance of voting isn’t limited to presidential elections. Find tips on how to make your office voter-friendly.
Managing Your Team
Boost Employee Morale: 23 Ways to Make Your Team Love Coming to Work
POSTED ON September 10 IN Managing Your Team
Looking for ways to boost or retain employee satisfaction on a budget? We have a few ideas.
Managing Your Team
Want to Create a More Inclusive Workplace? Try These 7 Tips
POSTED ON August 27 IN Managing Your Team
When organizations implement diversity and inclusion programs, they sometimes forget about the “inclusion” part of the equation. We share some easy ways to foster inclusion in the workplace.
Managing Your Team
Understanding Supplemental Wages and Tax Rates
POSTED ON August 14 IN Managing Your Team
Supplemental wages can be a headache for employers, but it doesn't have to be. Use this guide to understand the tax rate on supplemental wages.