Managing Your Team

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Managing Your Team
For Help Hiring and Managing Remote Employees, Download our Guide
POSTED ON May 16 IN Managing Your Team
Navigating the various aspects of remote employment can be difficult. To offer some guidance on this subject, we created an ebook to help. Read an overview of what’s inside, and download your free copy.
Managing Your Team
So You Want to Pay Your Interns: A Guide to Paid Internships
POSTED ON May 11 IN Managing Your Team
Hiring paid interns can bring up a lot of questions. How much should you pay them? What rules and regulations do you need to follow? Here, find an overview of some key considerations for your paid internship program.
Managing Your Team
Should You Offer Summer Fridays to Your Employees?
POSTED ON May 9 IN Managing Your Team
Summer Fridays are a popular employee perk for companies of all sizes. They can help to boost morale and productivity. But is it a good fit for your business? Learn more about offering summer hours.
Managing Your Team
Values-Led Innovation: Making Team Management Easier
POSTED ON April 12 IN Managing Your Team
Justworks’ company values drive everything we do, including what we build for our customers. As these small businesses grow, they face new challenges. How does Justworks help solve for them? Find out.
Managing Your Team
What is Overtime Pay?
POSTED ON April 9 IN Managing Your Team
What is overtime pay? Understanding what overtime is and how to properly pay overtime wages is an important component of running a business. Learn more about how to manage labor costs and limit your exposure to liability.
Managing Your Team
Managers, Check Out This Performance Improvement Plan Template
POSTED ON April 3 IN Managing Your Team
When an employee isn’t meeting their performance metrics, managers need to take action. A great first step is implementing a performance improvement plan. Take a look at these tips, and download a free template.
Managing Your Team
Defining Work-Life Balance for Your Small Business
POSTED ON March 30 IN Managing Your Team
The term “work-life balance” can be difficult to define. There are many ways work and life can integrate, but achieving the right balance is tricky. What does it mean to you and your company? And how do you set those expectations for your employees?
Managing Your Team
20 Easy Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace
POSTED ON March 2 IN Managing Your Team
Healthy communication is the best foundation for any business. Discover several easy ways to improve communication among your team members.
Managing Your Team
Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing for Remote Employees
POSTED ON February 26 IN Managing Your Team
When hiring remote employees, it’s important to think about the impact isolation can have. How can you best support the mental health of your remote team members?