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Using Justworks to Access Mental Health Services: An Overview
POSTED ON April 26 IN Product Lab
Did you know you can utilize Justworks to access mental health providers and services? In this post, we break down how benefits-eligible customers can do just that.
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New from Justworks: Flexible Fitness Memberships to Fit Your Team
POSTED ON January 8 IN Product Lab
Each individual takes a different approach to their personal fitness, so why should employer-offered options be one-size-fits-all? Meet our new flexible fitness memberships.
Product Lab
Looking Back on 2018 at Justworks: New Product Features & Tools
POSTED ON December 31 IN Product Lab
Catch up on all of the new product features we’ve built, launched, and improved in 2018, including new HR tools, access to new employee benefits, and more.
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New Timecard Features to Make Running Payroll Even Easier
POSTED ON November 6 IN Product Lab
Want to make running payroll even easier for everyone on your team? Take advantage of these new features available for Timecards in Justworks.
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Discover Business Insights from Day One with Reporting by Justworks
POSTED ON October 15 IN Product Lab
When growing businesses have access to valuable business data, they’re able to make smarter decisions. With reporting by Justworks, you can make sense of your data, faster.
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Coming Soon: Flexible Fitness Memberships from Justworks x ClassPass
POSTED ON October 1 IN Product Lab
Want to keep your team happy and healthy with flexible, affordable fitness options? With Justworks and ClassPass, you can.
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Stay Compliant and Create a Better Workplace with Justworks x EVERFI
POSTED ON September 17 IN Product Lab
Implementing a sexual harassment prevention training program for your employees is a best practice for any business. Now, with Justworks and EVERFI, it’s easier than ever to do.
Product Lab
Values-Led Innovation: Making Team Management Easier
POSTED ON April 12 IN Product Lab
Justworks’ company values drive everything we do, including what we build for our customers. As these small businesses grow, they face new challenges. How does Justworks help solve for them? Find out.
Product Lab
Design at Justworks: Showcasing our Values in our Product
POSTED ON January 18 IN Product Lab
Our core values inform everything we do — from the biggest company decisions, all the way down to the smallest icons...