Celebrating 24/7 Love at the NYC Pride Parade

Posted June 25, 2018 by Justworks in Justworks Love
The Justworks team was proud to participate in the 2018 Pride March in NYC. Learn a bit more about why we marched, and view some photos from the day.

The Justworks team once again participated in the New York City Pride March, and we couldn't be happier to support the LGBTQ community. Our float's theme this year was 24/7 love.

"Our theme this year is '24/7 love,' because we believe in supporting love and equality, whenever, wherever, whoever,” said Camilla Velasquez, Justworks' SVP of Product & Marketing Strategy.

“We believe a diverse workforce creates a more vibrant workplace. We were thrilled to participate in the 2018 Pride March alongside the people who make this city so great," Camilla said.


As our own Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Jess Harvie, wrote in Quartz, "While diversity and inclusion are top of mind today, the 'fix it fast' world of tech is quick to move onto the next problem. Instead of trying to check a problem off of a list, technology companies need to carefully craft an inclusive culture."

At Justworks, we're committed to crafting that inclusivity, day in and day out. It is an ongoing process. Showing up for underrepresented communities is one small way we're proud to take part.

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Here are just a few snapshots from Pride: