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New from Justworks: Flexible Fitness Memberships to Fit Your Team

Everyone takes a different approach to personal fitness, so why should employer-offered options be one-size-fits-all? Meet our new flexible fitness memberships.

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Jan 08, 20192 minutes

When you’re a small business, it’s not easy to build a perks package that fits everyone on your team and your budget. Justworks is taking the stress out of building the “perfect” perks package for your team.

We’ve upgraded and changed our system to help relieve the anxiety by offering an improved experience, starting with our fitness perks.

Fitness Memberships from Justworks

How it Works

Instead of trying to decide on a one-size-fits all package, employers can now use their budget smarter. When deciding on which fitness perks to offer, you can go directly into your Justworks account and allocate one contribution amount to put toward fitness memberships.

Once a contribution amount is set up, the allowance will appear in employees’ account. They can then use it on whichever membership suits them best.

Still in the budgeting phase? You can use our sliding scale to view how extra dollars can unlock more fitness discounts for your employees, all without committing to offer a specific contribution amount.

Our Fitness Offerings

Justworks uses the power of group buying to negotiate exclusive rates so that all your employees can have access to high-quality, highly-personalized options for pursuing their fitness goals.

This year we added our newest partner, ClassPass, to our current gym offerings from Town Sports International Clubs (New York Sports Club, Boston Sports Club, etc.) and New York Health & Racquet Club. Employees can choose from any fitness membership depending on their location. All employers can offer the gyms at a discount with no contribution. ClassPass, however, requires a $15 minimum contribution per employee.

Plans That Grow With You

The best people to make a decision about what fitness perks your employees should take advantage of are... your employees themselves. From acupuncture to CrossFit, everyone’s needs are different. Why not empower them to choose?

Once you set up an employer contribution, we’ll let your employees know that a you’ve added a new option to the suite of perks. We’ll also share important sign up information.

All your employees are different, and as you grow so will their needs. Justworks remains committed to evaluating and offering more high impact perks that allow everyone to choose what makes the most sense for their health and happiness. Whether it is more fitness options, financial wellness programs, or bike sharing, we’re always moving forward in finding the best options to help support your business and team.

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