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Get Guidance on Creating a Harassment-free Workplace in this Webinar

HR and compliance experts from Justworks and EVERFI bring you the guidance you need to build a safe, harassment-free workplace in this free webinar. Watch the video to learn more.

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Nov 02, 20182 minutes

Sexual harassment prevention legislation in the U.S. is becoming increasingly complex and stringent. With laws constantly changing, remaining compliant with state and local sexual harassment prevention requirements is becoming a challenge for growing businesses.

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Whether or not a business is required by law to do so, implementing a sexual harassment prevention policy and training program is best practice. Employers need to be prepared and committed to creating a safe and productive workplace for their employees — but knowing where to start isn’t easy.

A Webinar from Justworks x EVERFI

Justworks has teamed up with EVERFI to help set you up for success. We hosted a joint webinar, called "Creating a Safe, Harassment-Free Workplace," featuring HR compliance experts from Justworks and EVERFI. View the recording to learn how your organization can remain compliant with state and city sexual harassment training requirements.

This 45-minute webinar also includes:

  • A deeper dive into EVERFI’s Harassment & Inclusion trainings — which will soon be available to all Justworks’ customers
  • Best practices you can implement alongside sexual harassment prevention training to maintain a safe and inclusive culture
  • Q&A with EVERFI and Justworks

Watch it here:

About the Presenters


Presenters Elizabeth Bille, Charlotte O'Connell, and Stephanie Sudano.

Elizabeth Bille, Senior Director of Harassment Prevention at EVERFI

Elizabeth is an employment law attorney and EVERFI’s expert on the prevention of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Prior to joining EVERFI, she was General Counsel of the Society for Human Resource Management; she has also worked for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Elizabeth's work has been cited in various publications and news outlets including National Public Radio, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

Charlotte O'Connell, HR Consultant, Justworks

Charlotte is a PHR-certified HR Consultant at Justworks, assisting growing businesses, nationwide and across industries, with their human resources needs. As part of Justworks’ Customer Success Team, Charlotte supports customers with employee relations, compliance, performance management, and other best practices as they hire and manage their teams.

Stephanie Sudano, Product Marketing Manager, Justworks

Stephanie Sudano is a Product Marketing Manager at Justworks. Her expertise lies in developing and executing product and marketing strategy for SaaS web and app-based products. She is Pragmatic Marketing (PMC - I) certified and holds a Masters in Management from The University of Melbourne.

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