How to hire for startups at all levels.

How To Hire, For Startups At Every Level

Posted October 8, 2015 by Adrienne Smith in Hiring and Onboarding
We asked three CEOs and investors for insight on how to hire (and when) as a growing startup. Check out the infographic we built with their answers.

Hiring as a small company is crucial. Your team is small, company potential feels huge, and every team member matters. So how do you identify what role you need to fill first?

How to Hire for Your Startup

We spoke with three entrepreneurs about how to hire and when to scale your startup's team. 

  1. Isaac Oates, Justworks' very own founder and CEO. 
  2. Chantel Waterbury the founder and CEO of Chloe +  Isabel.
  3. Matt Harris, a managing director at Bain Capital (a Justworks investor).

And to keep everything simple, we drew every piece of advice together into the below infographic. Click through to see it in a larger size. 

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Strategic Hiring For Startups At Every Level

Strategic hiring at every level of your startup

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