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Improve Your Customer Experience Management With These Tips [Video]

Justworks Manager of Customer Experience Stephanie Bono talks with two other panelists on how to build and scale an effective customer service team.

The letter "J" for Justworks.
Jun 15, 20161 minutes
Our pro tips for building and scaling an effective customer service team.

Cultivating a successful customer service team isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes thoughtful strategy, a thorough hiring process, and a knack for customer engagement.

Building and Scaling a Customer Service Team

General Assembly hosted the panel with Justworks’ own Stephanie Bono, along with Bonobos’ Adam Covalt and Olark’s Karl Pawlewicz, as viewers joined an interactive live stream and tweeted questions to them through the hashtag #GALive.

So, what does it take to build and scale an effective customer service team? The panel covered topics such as:

  • Hiring the right talent for a solid foundation

  • Providing clear values and a mission statement for your team

  • Giving employees clear processes and internal resources

  • Choosing collaborative software to use internally

  • Building meaningful customer-employee relationships

  • Creating a customer experience strategy

Approaches to Customer Experience Management

Watch below to uncover different approaches to customer experience management.

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