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[Infographic] Stick To Our Onboarding Checklist To Stay Compliant

Posted October 19, 2015 by Adrienne Smith in Hiring and Onboarding
Our new hire checklist outlines exactly how you can onboard new employees and stay compliant through the process.

(Good news! We've also built a complete guide to staying compliant while hiring. You can download it for free here.)

You've gone through the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process - and now your new hire is starting. 

Don't be caught unprepared for your new team member's first day!

Managing employee satisfaction from day one is crucial to increasing retention. Be prepared to give a warm welcome and stay compliant.

What Is Compliance?

What is compliance, you say? Staying compliant means abiding by state and federal laws set for businesses. Employment law has a number of restrictions that you need to abide by, or risk getting fined.

Having A New Hire Checklist Can Help

Keeping compliant when onboarding new employees requires some preparation ahead of time. So we built the below onboarding checklist to keep you compliant on your employee's first day. You can also check out our infographic on creating a warm welcome here.


New hire compliance checklist


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