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An Inside Look at Justworks’ Blog Redesign

Posted June 3, 2016 by Kristin Hoppe in Justworks Love
Announcing the new-and-improved Justworks blog. The redesigned site will help small business leaders find helpful, relevant content even more easily.

Over the past year and a half, the Justworks blog has grown into a resource for small business owners. Justblog’s goals, since day one, have remained focused on:

  1. Educating entrepreneurs on how to best grow their business and their teams
  2. Celebrating our community of small business leaders

Along the way, we’ve hit some milestones we’re proud of.

We’ve published more than 300 posts, from a simple explanation of EINs to a longer-form piece on Justworks’ Surprise and Delight Hack Week.

We’ve increased the variety of content we publish, like infographics, a resources center, and e-books. Next up: video!

Original photography has made its way into our content, like this peek into our company retreat and this team candid.

And, lastly, we’ve built a loyal audience that relies on Justblog for straightforward information and support around running a business.

As our blog grew, a redesign became more and more needed. So Justworks’ marketing and design teams banded together early this year to revamp the blog. We hope this new-and-improved version brings you even better information, through simply organized content and a beautiful, user-friendly experience.

We’re elated to share these new changes with you, and hope that you’ll find a seamless experience with our new design. Check out just a few of the upgrades below.

(But before we do, here’s a reminder of what the old Justblog looked like):

Blog - Post - Old Blog Screenshot

Upgrade 1: Find Highlighted Articles on the Homepage

Our revamped homepage includes a featured post with smaller modules below to pick out a new story. Each post includes its respective category under the image, along with preview text. Providing these snippets of information gives you a fuller idea of what you’re about to read (without the extra click).

Blog - Post - Blog Redesign Homepage

Upgrade 2: Browse by Topic with New Categories

The previous homepage just listed our blog posts sequentially. The new homepage features the catogories we cover right on the homepage. So you can choose the topic you’re looking for and browse topics quickly. We determined these categories from our resources page, which hosts downloadable e-books and templates.

For example, you can check out the compliance section if you’re concerned about staying compliant, to see if it has any updates about new federal regulations or tax forms. Easy.

Blog - Post - Blog Redesign Categories

Upgrade 3: Access Relevant Information with Related Articles

Once you’ve finished reading a post, you’ll now find more relevant articles to help you below. We’ve handpicked the first one for you. The rest fall under the same category as the article you just read.

Just finish reading about mastering employee appreciation? Easy ways to boost team morale on a budget will be right at the bottom, so you can keep finding great ways to take care of your team.

Blog - Post - Redesign Relevant Content

Upgrade 4: Get the Highlights Through Quotes

You’re a busy person, and sometimes you just want the necessary details. Our new pull quote feature will showcase the most relevant parts for you if you’re skimming, saving you time and mental energy. Which means more stamina to finish those 1095-Cs (or just get a little rest).

Our new pull quotes highlight interesting quotes, facts, and points of an article.

Upgrade 5: Celebrate Community Through Photography

Reading about topics like IRS forms can get dry, but we’d like you to have an enjoyable experience regardless. As we add more original photography to the blog, we’re excited to celebrate our team and our customers and use photography to give more life to the world we’re in.

What do you think of the new redesign? Tweet us @JustworksHR!

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