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Justwomen "Hustle With Heart" Aims to Help Women Achieve Their Goals

Work-life balance is hard when you're fighting for professional milestones. Our event explored mental, physical, and financial wellness topics for women in business.

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Jan 30, 20193 minutes

Justwomen was founded to help women in business network with each other, learn from their community, and get that coveted seat at the table. The Justworks team has been proud to host this event series over the years, and we were excited to bring the latest Justwomen event to New York City at Town Stages on February 7.

At this event, “Hustle With Heart”, we focused on self-care. Along with co-host Shine, and panelists from Daily Harvest and Chase Digital, we wanted to help today’s professional women make it easier to achieve their goals.

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When you’re fighting for professional milestones, it’s hard to maintain balance in the rest of your life. Are you taking time for yourself, and maintaining your mental, physical, and financial health? The concept of self-care is buzzy, but what does it really looks like for the women in today’s workforce?

Unpacking Self-Care

“The concept of self-care and moments to disconnect are critical for me,” said Valerie Avila, Sr. Sales Manager at Justworks and founder of Justwomen. “Everyone's process of self-care and wellness can differ, and it's important to know what's right for you.”

65% of millennial women said when they get off track with their goals, they criticize themselves.

At this time of the year, maybe the New Year’s resolutions have already started to slip. You have the best intentions, but new habits are hard to make (and old ones are often harder to break). We’ve all been there!

But many of us don’t handle this well. According to Shine’s Hustle & Heart Report, 65% of millennial women surveyed said that when they get off track with their goals, they criticize themselves. It’s not the most productive way to deal, to say the least.

“If we are to continue to rise up as women and ultimately achieve a level of equality across all fronts, we have to have tools in our toolbox to ensure we can best tackle these challenges,” Valerie said. With this Justwomen event, we hope to begin to stock that toolbox.

Hustle With Heart

“Hustle With Heart,” an exclusive Justwomen x Shine event, featured a panel of speakers from businesses proving that caring for mental, physical, and financial wellness is more accessible than ever:

  • Marah Lidey, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Shine

  • Naomi Hirabayashi, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Shine

  • Rachel Drori, Founder & CEO, Daily Harvest

  • Katrina Craigwell, CMO, Chase Digital

Facilitated by Soraya Darabi, Managing Partner at Trail Mix Ventures — a venture capital firm that invests in self-care companies — the panel discussed how women can better fit self-care into their busy lifestyles.

72% of millennial women in Shine’s report said they want to prioritize self-care and their mental health in 2019, and 50% said paying off debt is their top priority. These goals really are attainable, even when you’re diving head-first into developing your career.

More About the Panel:

Shine is a free self-care app that feels like a daily pep talk in your pocket. Whether you’re stressed, overwhelmed, anxious — Shine will remind you “I got this.”

Daily Harvest makes nourishing food built on fruits and vegetables accessible by delivering thoughtfully sourced, chef-crafted food to customers’ doorsteps, all ready to enjoy in minutes.

Chase Digital helps people save time by banking from almost anywhere, making it easy to check accounts, pay friends and even deposit checks when, where and how you want.

Trail Mix Ventures is an early-stage investment firm focused on the future of living well. That means living with wisdom, purpose, and by design.

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