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Posted July 10, 2014 by Chris Goodmacher in Justworks Love
Our very own Isaac Oates wrote a piece for FastCompany: Forget Free Pizza: 5 Perks That Will Actually Make a Difference To Your Employees

Excerpted from Isaac Oates' FastCompany piece: Forget Free Pizza: 5 Perks That Will Actually Make a Difference To Your Employees

There’s a moment in The Internship, the 2013 comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, when the two middle-aged, out-of-work sales guys arrive at Google’s headquarters and realize that life on the top of the tech pyramid is very different. With upbeat, cool music playing in the background, the two schlemiels are shown around the Googleplex, reaping its infinite perks: fancy fruit, in-office yoga, dry cleaning picked up and delivered to your cubicle’s door.

These are lavish employee perks that actually exist in companies like Google, and they’re only getting more luxurious: some of America’s fastest-growing companies, it seems, are fighting each other over who can spend more on spoiling their employees. But there’s a smarter way: small business owners can offer their workers Google-class treats without spending Google-level money by following these five simple suggestions.

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