Justworks' 10 most-visited blog posts for entrepreneurs

A Year In Review: Justblog's 10 Most Popular 2015 Posts

Posted December 28, 2015 by Adrienne Smith in Justworks Love
To celebrate the end of 2015, we’ve rounded up the articles from the Justworks blog that resonated most with you, an entrepreneur growing your small business.

2015 has been a big year for Justworks (see CEO Isaac Oates’ recap here). We’ve grown our revenue sevenfold and our customer base by nearly the same. The Justworks team has grown from about 20 to 75+. And Justblog got up and running.

Our blog aims to help you - a CEO, founder, or leader within a startup - build your business and inspire your team. We’ve covered everything from 1099 and W-2 forms to employee morale. From compliance to owner’s draws.

To celebrate the end of 2015, we’ve rounded up the Justblog articles that resonated most with you.

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Our Most-Visited 2015 Posts

ITIN, SNN, or EIN Number - What’s The Difference?

The differences between an ITIN number, SSN and EIN number are small but crucial for tax purposes.

An SSN is an identification number for a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or temporary alien resident authorized to work in the US. An EIN number must be used by any business that pays employees or is required to file business tax returns. And an ITIN number is issued for any individuals not eligible for an SSN. Read more.

Are Expense Reimbursements Taxable Income?

Every business incurs costs and expenses that reduce the business’s taxable income. Sometimes, these expenses may be incurred by employees during the course of business.

A common practice is to reimburse such expenses, but the question then arises: Are these expense reimbursements taxable income to the employee? Read more.

How Are Business Owners Paid? Meet The Owner’s Draw

In many businesses, workers are paid wages or a salary. That compensation is subject to income tax withholding and employer taxes.

But sole proprietors, partners in a partnership, and the members of a limited liability company are never paid wages because they are considered to be self employed. So how do such individuals take money out of the business? Read more.

Staying Compliant: Questions To Avoid When Conducting An Interview

Believe it or not, your responsibility to stay compliant begins before you’ve even hired someone. The interview process is often ground zero for employment law violations. Inappropriate questions can run afoul of discrimination laws, potentially resulting in a lawsuit. Read more.

Misclassifying Workers As Independent Contractors: What Could Go Wrong

What is an independent contractor? And what is the difference between hiring one and hiring a full-time employee? The IRS has clarified that the degree of control exercised by the employer determines whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor. Read more.

Handling Wages Due To A Deceased Employee

The loss of an employee due to death is often a difficult time for a business. Not only is the business with a loss of productivity and the need to hire and train a replacement, but there are also legal issues involved that can complicate matters. One of these issues involves how to properly handle any wages that are due to the deceased employee. Read more.

Hiring Interns, The Legal Way

Hiring an intern at your company is a great way to give a college student or new professional some hands-on experience in your industry. However, many companies have historically hired interns on an unpaid basis - experts estimate that up to 50% of the 1.5 million internships in 2015 will go unpaid.

Though very common, the practice of employing unpaid interns my actually violate state and federal labor laws. However you approach internships at your company, make sure you do it the legal way. Read more.

Employee Benefits & Perks: What’s The Difference? 

A compensation package from an employer is much more than salary alone. Employee benefits like health insurance and 401(k) contributions should be factored into an employee’s compensation package.

Perks also go beyond salary and guaranteed benefits speak to your company’s culture. As such, it’s important to know the differences between a perk and a benefit. Read more.

10 Easy Ways To Boost Team Morale On A Budget

“Morale is the capacity of a group of people to pull together persistently and consistently in pursuit of a common purpose,” says sociologist Alexander Leighton.

Good morale means employees that are productive, collaborate better, miss fewer workdays, and feel more satisfied by their work. Clearly, this is something everyone wants for their company. Read more.

How To Onboard Happy Employees & Increase Retention

The onboarding experience is crucial for employee retention. This is the moment at which you set someone up for success within your company.

Onboarding without a set process is difficult for any company. Our new hire checklist will make sure that doesn’t happen. Introduce your new employees to a successful and happy career with your company. Read more.

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