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Looking Back on 2018 at Justworks: New Product Features & Tools

Catch up on all of the new product features we’ve built, launched, and improved in 2018, including new HR tools, access to new employee benefits, and more.

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Dec 31, 20186 minutes

2018 was a busy year at Justworks. Among other things, we’ve fielded a ton of questions from our customers across the country. We take those calls, emails, and messages to heart, and use customer feedback to help us inform how we can improve our products and services. This past year, we made a lot of improvements. Let’s take a look back on all the product features we rolled out during 2018:

Choosing the Right HR Outsourcing Provider

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New HR Tools to Help Increase Efficiency

We know your time is best spent managing your team and your business, not pulling data or manipulating spreadsheets. In 2018, we focused on building even more tools and features to help you organize the information and relationships that make up your workforce.

Custom Fields and Notes

We created Custom Fields and Notes to give you an easy way to capture more information about your team in Justworks. In addition to the categories that automatically appear in a Member Profile, you can now add information related to your physical office and company culture by creating a Custom Field, or use Notes to record and track details about employees’ career development and performance.

Quick tip: Use Custom Fields to track things like an employee’s t-shirt size, the serial number on their work laptop, or their favorite dessert for birthday celebrations.

Work History

You can now get a bird’s eye view of an employee or contractor’s history at your company, including past managers, titles, and pay changes — all in one place. Check out the Work History section of an employee or contractor’s member profile.

Work IDs

Keeping your team’s information organized and secure across the different systems or tools your company uses can be hard. That’s why we created Work IDs, a unique ID within Justworks that’s assigned to every employee or contractor. With Work IDs, you can easily link your team member’s information across systems or reports without relying on personal information like last names or Social Security numbers.

Quick tip: You can edit Work IDs in Justworks to match any unique IDs your company already has in place for your employees or contractors.

New Pre-Built Reports in Justworks

Track key business metrics and make sense of your data faster with new pre-built reports by Justworks. Our five new pre-built reports allow you to easily track the onboarding statuses of new hires, PTO balances, headcount over time, and more!

You can now also sort and filter reports in real-time and instantly view the results within Justworks.

Easily Rehire Past Employees

Want to hire your intern on a full-time basis now that they’ve graduated? Now you can with our new rehire feature! When you’d like to rehire a previously terminated employee or intern, click on the “Rehire” button in the top right-hand corner of the employee’s profile. You can also update their general information (name, title, manager, contact info, etc.), compensation and exemption status, and schedule their start date.

More Resources to Help You Stay Compliant

Employment laws and regulations are frequently changing, and new regulations pass at the federal, state, and local levels all the time. As an employer, it’s important to know about the things that impact you and your team — but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Quick tip: Sign up for our monthly compliance newsletter, The Scoop, and receive a round-up of key updates and trends from around the country to help you stay on top of changing employment regulations.

Free Compliance Training for All Customers

In January, 2019, all Justworks customers will have access to a suite of online harassment prevention and inclusion trainings — for free. Available to customers in every state, the online training courses will specifically allow employers in New York, California, Maine and Connecticut to meet sexual harassment prevention training requirements.

Access to New, Flexible Benefits

ClassPass Memberships at Exclusive Rates

We’ve partnered with ClassPass to deliver premium studio fitness memberships to our customers across the U.S. With one membership, you and your team will be able to choose from a variety of fitness and wellness experiences at 12,000+ fitness studios in over 80 cities worldwide. ClassPass memberships will be available in Justworks in early January 2019.

Access to Aetna’s HMO Network

(California Only)

HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) establish a local network of doctors, hospitals and specialist providers. HMO plans help keep costs tight by having all your providers, who have agreed to certain lower rates, under one umbrella. If you are looking to offer your team a close-knit group of physicians for all their healthcare needs, an HMO might be right for you.

Stay tuned in the new year for opportunities to weigh in on the benefits you’d like to see offered on Justworks.

Upgrades to Benefits Enrollment & Management

At Justworks, we believe that enrolling in and managing your benefits should be simple. In 2018, we made some major upgrades to improve the experience of enrolling in and renewing your health insurance plans.

Review last year’s plan selections: Take a look at your company’s health insurance history by comparing your current selections with previous years.

Easily customize your plan contributions: For each tier and every health insurance plan, you can now set up custom contributions in a way that makes sense for your team and company.

Reset your plan selections: Made a mistake or forgot something when choosing plans? During the renewals process, you can revise the health insurance selections you’ve made by using our new reset tool. Once you’ve chosen to reset your health insurance selections, you can start the process from the beginning.

Simplifying Payroll for More Employee Types

In 2018, we were committed to making payroll simple and effortless for everyone on your team. For hourly and non-exempt salaried employees, as well as their managers, we improved the process for recording, submitting, and approving hours worked by making some major upgrades to our Timecards feature:

Time tracking tools that sync with Justworks: Tracking employee time outside of Justworks? We’ve made it easy to upload employee hours from leading time tracking solutions, TSheets and Boomr, directly to Justworks for payroll.

Import employee hours to Timecards: With Justworks’ Import Hours tool, you can pay hourly and non-exempt salaried employees by mass uploading all of their hours to Timecards, all at once. Use our downloadable template or export a compatible file directly from Boomr or TSheets.

Import multiple pay rates to Timecards: For employees that receive hourly pay at different rates based on factors like job function, project, or location, admins can now upload multiple hourly rates for a single pay period using the Import Hours tool.

PTO now syncs to Timecards: Reduce the amount of back-and-forth required to record and pay employees for Paid Time Off (PTO). When PTO is approved in Justworks it will automatically be displayed in the applicable Timecard. Only approved PTO will automatically be displayed in Timecards.

Let managers handle Timecards for their direct reports: Your managers know their teams best — when they’re working, pulling overtime, or on PTO. That’s why we’ve created new permissions that let managers fill out, approve, and submit Timecards for their direct reports.

Or have employees fill out their Timecards as they work: Employees and payroll admins can now save valuable time and effort by having employees save their hours directly in Justworks. With employee entry enabled, employees can record and save their hours throughout the pay period vs. recording all of their Timecards at the end of the pay period.

Gain better insight into when your team is working: With the new Timecards Usage report, you can keep track of the hours worked by your employees and uncover trends like how many employees are working overtime each month — all in Justworks.

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