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Make Effective Company Policies and Procedures With This New Guide

From business expenses to travel policies, company procedures have an impact. Learn how to make an employee handbook that works.

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Jun 10, 20161 minutes
Learn how to make effective company policies and procedures with our guide.

Crafting and communicating new company policies can feel like a complicated, time-consuming hurdle. But the importance of establishing employee expectations is real: Based on a worldwide Gallup poll, only half of employees actually know what is expected of them at work.

Building Strong Policies for Your Company

As companies that handle human resources and business expenses, respectively, both Justworks and Abacus know the importance of using sound company policies to drive your company in the right direction. That’s why we’ve partnered to create this guide — so that you can build strong policies that support the health of your company and keep your employees motivated.

Reasons for Written Company Policies

So, what are the biggest reasons your company should have written policies in place? Nearly one in four employees reported they wouldn’t have left a company if they had more clear guidelines. Setting expectations through policies is a concrete way to encourage retention, as well as...* ...Providing Guidelines. Spend less time discussing expectations and more time focusing on what’s important.* ...Promoting Consistency. When everyone knows what the ground rules are, it’s a lot easier to play fair.* ...Strengthening Culture. Policies help companies practice transparency, which in turn builds a strong culture and team loyalty.

Your Starter Guide for Creating an Employee Handbook

Your starter guide on creating an employee handbook.

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Specifically, this guide covers creating policies for: - Vacation and Paid Time Off - Business Expenses - Security - Interviewing It also includes bonus material like a new hire checklist, creating an employee handbook, sample interview questions.

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