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New Timecard Features to Make Running Payroll Even Easier

Want to make running payroll even easier for everyone on your team? Take advantage of these new features available for Timecards in Justworks.

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Nov 06, 20182 minutes

At Justworks, we’re committed to making payroll simple and effortless for everyone on your team. For hourly and non-exempt salaried employees, we do this through Timecards – an easy way to record, submit, and approve hours worked.

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Over the past year, we’ve made Timecards simple and flexible to support your team. Manager permissions, employee entry, and importing hours from time tracking solutions are just a few of the ways we’ve simplified payroll with Timecards.

With the addition of three new features, we’re reducing the manual processes that take up valuable time for you and your team. Whether employees submit their own Timecards or an administrator imports employees’ hours, the newest Timecards features are designed to streamline your processes.

Introducing Three New Timecards Features

Saving Timecards

Save employees’ time with the ability to save Timecards throughout each pay period

Employees and payroll administrators can save valuable time and effort by having employees save their hours directly in Justworks. Payroll administrators who enable employee timecard entry reduce manual entry by approving hours submitted by employees. With employee entry enabled, employees can save their hours throughout each pay period.

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Automatically Synced PTO in Timecards

Reduce the back-and-forth between approving and paying paid time off (PTO)

Reduce the amount of back-and-forth required to record and pay employees for paid time off. When PTO is approved in Justworks it will automatically be displayed in the applicable Timecard. Only approved PTO will automatically be displayed up in Timecards.

Note: If an administrator or manager edits or adds PTO manually in Timecards they will need to also edit the affected PTO in Time Off in Justworks.

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Import Multiple Pay Rates to Timecards

Bulk import multiple pay rates for employees

Administrators using Justworks' Import Hours tool, which allows you to upload employee hours in bulk, can now easily support employees with multiple pay rates within a single pay period. For employees that receive hourly pay at different rates based on factors like job function, project, or location, administrators can upload the applicable hourly rate within the Import Employee Hours tool. A pre-populated template for importing hours is available in Timecards.

New to Timecards in Justworks? Be sure to check out our Help Center to learn more about managing hourly and non-exempt salaried employees in Justworks.

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