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Office Feng Shui: 7 Ways to Create a Happy Working Space [Infographic]

Get some office design ideas that are sure to boost employee motivation.

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Jul 28, 20161 minutes
Here's how to infuse some feng shui into your office space.

If you’re one of the many people who spend more time at the office than in your own home, it only makes sense that an aesthetic work environment contributes to happier, more productive work.

How Office Environments Impact Mental Health

According to a study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University, workers who spent a year in an old office building with loud air conditioners and low ceilings fared much worse than coworkers who had access to an open workspace with skylights. In fact, the first group reported higher levels of stress — even outside the workplace.

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Choosing a great workspace is no simple feat. And when it comes to New York City realty in particular, budgetary and space restrictions may keep you from snagging your dream spot.

Regardless of whether your team has a large budget or a small stipend, there are plenty of everyday decisions you can make to set the stage for happy employees and higher productivity. This infographic offers a few low-cost ideas.

Welcoming Office Space Infographic

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