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Improve Your Mental Health at Work With These 6 Midday Break Ideas
Stress is a part of our working lives, but small changes can help. Reap the mental health benefits of a mindful, relaxing midday break.
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Did you know you can utilize Justworks to access mental health providers...
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April 26 · Product Lab
Using Justworks to Access Mental Health Services: An Overview
Discussing mental health issues in the workplace is difficult. Whether...
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April 24 · Managing Your Team
Discussing Mental Health: Best Practices for Managers and Employees
Advocating for better mental health at work often starts by offering the...
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April 22 · Benefits and Perks
What Mental Health Benefits Should You Offer Your Employees?
It’s crucial to engage employees and offer them professional development...
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April 17 · Managing Your Team
Understanding Employee Growth: 5 Ways to Support Their Skill Development
Approximately one in five American adults experiences mental illness. An...
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April 15 · Benefits and Perks
What is an EAP? How You Can Improve Employee Mental Health at Work
The state of California is ironing out legislation that aims to protect...
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April 9 · Keeping Compliant
Lessons from California: 5 Tips on Data Security & Protection
There are many small business tax write-offs that owners can apply to...
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April 3 · Keeping Compliant
6 Small Business Tax Deductions To Remember
What does it take to switch careers and become a software engineer?...
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March 29 · Engineering
Different Strokes: Justworks Engineers with Non-traditional Backgrounds
Inject some fun into the workplace with this list of amazing team...
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March 26 · Managing Your Team
14 Fun Team Building Ideas That Employees Will Enjoy
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