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Practical Matters: A conversation with Stella Garber @ Trello

Posted March 27, 2015 by Julia Averbuck in Running a Business 101
Stella Garber, head of marketing at Trello, shares her insight on the startup world.

Practical Matters is a series of conversations with founders and senior executives at companies we know and love. Every month, we'll interview fellow entrepreneurs and their teams and ask them about their experience starting and running their respective companies. The idea is to ask them things we want to know and could learn from. Last week, we spoke with Kevin Huynh, COO at Creative Mornings.

Today, we're talking to Stella Garber who heads up marketing at Trello. Trello just recently hit a major milestone with 7 million users and has been a Justworks user for a while!

Stella Garber of Trello

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do at your current company? What were you doing before? What’s your story?

Stella Garber: My name is Stella Garber and I'm VP of Marketing at Trello. Previously, I was running my own startup, and before that, I was on the founding team of a payments startup that got acquired by Groupon. I'm a serial entrepreneur at heart, and I was using Trello to run my businesses when the opportunity came to join the startup. As a passionate user, I saw a lot of opportunity in marketing Trello to the masses, not just people in the tech startup community.

Tell us your company’s story in a nutshell.

SG: Trello was started at Fog Creek Software as a way to organize projects in a fast growing company and understand what was getting done. It launched in 2011 publicly and has seen viral growth due to the simplicity, visual nature of the product, and word of mouth. We split from Fog Creek last summer and raised $10.3 million to grow as our own company.

Is there a value, mission or even a habit that you think is core to your company? 

SG: Trello is about simplifying people's lives and helping them collaborate more easily. Often, users will send feature requests or have ideas for how to make the product better. What they may not realize is what makes Trello so great is its simplicity and flexibility- adding lots of features would make it less useful and more cluttered. So we are very cognizant of making sure that every new feature we implement goes further in helping people collaborate more easily in a simplified way.

What does success look for your company within the next year?

SG: Our goal is to hit 100 million users. Last month, we hit 7 million and are adding more than 120k new users per week. So we have a long way to go, but we are excited at our growth. The marketing team is always thinking of new, interesting ways to spread the word about Trello. We'll be launching internationally, and improving our mobile experience to make Trello more useful to users in the coming year as well.

In your words, what is your company’s mission?

SG: Trello aims to make people's live's easier and more organized- we take the stress out of life, and provide a way to structure information in a visually appealing way that helps people tackle the biggest of life's projects- work, wedding planning, apartment searches, startups, etc.

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