Slideshow: What’s the Difference Between an HSA and an FSA?

Posted September 20, 2017 by Kristin Hoppe in Benefits and Perks
Want to know the difference between FSA and HSA? We have all the answers here.


There are hundreds of acronyms in the health insurance industry, and it’s hard to keep them all straight. You’ve probably heard of HSAs and FSAs before, but only have a vague idea of what they actually entail.

An FSA, or Flexible Savings Account, is an employer-owned account that allows employees to save pre-tax money to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare costs. An HSA, or Health Savings Account, is an employee-owned account used to save pre-tax dollars for health costs.

But those are just the basics. It’s also helpful to know facts about eligibility, contribution limits, and overall benefits and drawbacks of HSAs and FSAs.

And most importantly, you should ask yourself as an employer, “Is this something I should offer my team?” We’ve written before about creating a great place to work, and offering a comprehensive benefits package is part of that bigger picture.

We’ve made a slideshow that will answer the following questions:

Learn the difference between an HSA and an FSA.

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  • What is the difference between an FSA and HSA?
  • Who owns an FSA and who owns an HSA?
  • Who is eligible for an FSA?
  • Who is eligible for an HSA?
  • What are the contribution limits of each?
  • What are the biggest benefits and drawbacks of each?

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Justworks Can Help

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