Get the Ultimate Employee Wellness Kit For Your Team [Downloads]

Posted September 21, 2017 by Kristin Hoppe in Benefits and Perks
We’ve compiled some of our favorite content around employee health and wellness in one easy-to-use kit.

When it comes to investing in your company, health and wellness programs have a rewarding effect on both your employees and the business at large.

Statistics have shown that healthy employees perform better and miss less days at work. Additionally, happy employees are more productive at work, which makes a win-win situation.

At Justworks, we care a lot about helping businesses take care of their teams and creating great places to work. That’s why created The Ultimate Guide to Employee Wellness, a toolkit designed to help you develop an impactful and cost-efficient health and wellness program for your team.

Get four eBooks full of dozens of ideas to boost employee wellness.

Download the toolkit

Now, you can download several reference guides all at once and keep them for later when needed. The Ultimate Guide to Employee Wellness toolkit includes:

  • How to Make a Phenomenal Health and Wellness Program
  • Start from the ground up. This guide will take you through how a workplace wellness program can benefit employee motivation, and factors to consider such as company budget and employee interest.

  • 27 Excellent Workplace Wellness Ideas on a Budget
  • Walking meetings? Check. Forest bathing? Check, check. From the traditional to the cutting edge, this guide classifies employee health and wellness ideas in free, low-cost and splurge categories, so you can choose what’s best for your team.

  • What to Consider When Drafting Company Leave Policies
  • At some point, every employee will need time off for their health and wellbeing. But how can you balance their need for time off with the company’s need for productivity? This guide covers how to draft leave policies that puts your employees — and necessary leave laws — into focus.

  • FSA vs HSA: What’s the Difference? And Which Should I Choose?
  • Offering employees a Flexible Savings Account or Health Savings Account may be one way to financially supplement their health, but the differences between the two are confusing. This slideshow compares and contrasts the difference between HSAs and FSAs, so you can choose the best perks for your growing team.

    You can download the entire bundle here.