How to create an unforgettable workplace wellness program.

[Video] How to Make an Unforgettable Workplace Wellness Program

Posted September 13, 2017 by Justworks in Benefits and Perks
Employees are looking for more than just a salary — they want an experience. Here’s how a health & wellness program can make you a desirable employer.

Many competitive employers offer health and wellness programs for their employees, but how can you compete with the big guys as a small- to medium-sized business?

If you’re not sure where to start, Justworks hosted a webinar on how to create an unforgettable employee wellness program.

In the webinar, we run through the nuts and bolts — how to plan and execute a wellness program, along with plenty of free and low-cost ideas to get you started. We also invited Citi Bike and One Medical to share how employers leverage their services to offer competitive employee perks.

You can watch the webinar recording here:

[0:00 - 1:14] Opening
[1:14 - 2:07] Panelist introductions
[2:08 - 4:00] The research behind employee wellness programs
[4:00 - 6:53] How employers are adapting to win the talent war
[6:53 - 7:28] Intro to deciding wellness priorities
[7:29 - 9:36] Determining resources for employee wellness programs
[9:37 - 11:27] How to gauge employee interest in wellness programs
[11:28 - 13:13] Measuring outcomes and success with workplace wellness
[13:14 - 13:33] The whole employee: physical, mental, and emotional health

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[13:33 - 14:17] How physical health boosts employee productivity
[14:18 - 15:34] Free wellness program ideas for physical health
[15:35 - 16:34] Low-cost wellness program ideas for physical health
[16:35 - 17:44] How mental health boosts employee productivity
[17:45 - 19:02] Free wellness program ideas for mental wellbeing
[19:03 - 19:59] Low-cost wellness program ideas for mental wellbeing
[20:00 - 25:06] How Citi Bike helps promote a healthy workplace
[25:07 - 31:28] How One Medical helps promote a healthy workplace
[31:29 - 33:52] How Justworks can help make a great place to work
[33:53 - 43:36] Open-ended Q&A session

Our webinar included panelists:

  1. Charleton Lamb, Product Marketing Manager at Justworks
  2. Stephanie La Raja, Head of Marketing and Corporate Sales at Citi Bike
  3. Alexis Krase, Manager of Enterprise Client Services at One Medical

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