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Work Fearlessly With Justworks' Free Resources Library

Posted January 25, 2016 by Kristin Hoppe in Justworks Love
Running a small business can be a big task. Take advantage of this free resource that will help you work fearlessly.

Here at Justworks, we’re always trying to find ways to help your small business run smoother. That’s why we’ve blogged and written eBooks: to share what we’ve learned on growing a business and a team. After more than a year of blogging regularly, we’ve published hundreds of articles and it may be hard to choose which ones are most relevant to you.

With that in mind, we set out to make our content more digestible and relevant. We did this by creating a new resources page. Consider it a library from a friend that will fit in your pocket.

Find the articles that will help your business the most.
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We’ve handpicked five overarching topics that we think will be of the most use to people running a small business:

  • Benefits & Perks
  • Managing Your Team
  • Running A Business 101
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Keeping Compliant

And just like our website and product, we’ve designed it with simplicity in mind. All you need to do is select a topic that interests you, and find some of the most relevant articles under that topic. Maybe you’ll refer to technical questions like common compliance mistakes, or just get some advice on recruiting the right team members. However you choose to use these resources, we hope that it adds a moment of clarity to your day. 

Small Business Help

Here’s an overview of how we organized those topics, which you can see here.

Benefits & Perks

What are the differences between benefits and perks, and why does it matter? We’ve got blog posts and eBooks for that. You’ll also find guides outlining perks, fringe benefits, 401(k)s and health insurance — all of which attract top talent while running a small business.

Managing Your Team

How should you conduct an effective employee interview, classify your employees, and keep them happy? From tips for boosting morale on a budget to hiring freelancers, it’s all here.

Running a Business 101

Choose from several free eBooks outlining important facts you should know about business expenses, or beef up your knowledge on the benefits of a PEO. This section also outlines technical info you may need on fringe benefits.

Hiring & Onboarding

Download checklists for new hires and check out several concise but comprehensive eBooks on recruiting talent in a legal, efficient way. A subsection on building and managing your team remotely provides plenty of information on distributed teams as well.

Keeping Compliant

Staying compliant can be a minefield, but it doesn’t have to be. This section digs into all the nitty gritty, but keeps it simple. From 1095Cs to ITINs, you’ll learn the top compliance mistakes small businesses make — and how to steer clear of those dreaded fines.

Check out our free resources page, a library for all your business needs.

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