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Cards for Camaraderie

The employee appreciation game.

Team bonding is an essential part of any company’s success, that’s why we’re giving you a free copy of Cards for Camaraderie, complete with 42 ideas to bring some joy and laughter to your workplace.

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Pick a card, any card.

Forget the boring all-staff meeting and recognize your team’s stellar efforts with something they’ll actually enjoy. Simply look to your Cards for Camaraderie and deal your team a winning hand.

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Try an activity! Whether it’s organizing Taco Tuesdays, setting aside time for meditation, or going hiking as a team — employee rewards and recognition don’t have to be grand, expensive gestures...but they can be.
Glamping anyone?

A team that plays together, stays together.

Justworks is excited to help employee appreciation day happen every day, and encourage your team to perform at its best!