Justworks helps Casper stay on top of their HR as they experience explosive growth.


Since 2014

Company size

70+ employees




New York, California

Launched in April 2014, Casper Sleep is changing the mattress game. Started in New York City, the start-up prides itself on making deliveries easy. Unlike most competitors, a Casper mattress fits in a standard box and is shipped via UPS. No more waiting around for long delivery windows, your mattress gets delivered like the rest of your packages.

Started by five co-founders, Casper faced similar problems that plague many other start-ups. How do they stay compliant and manage benefits from the beginning to ensure they scale properly? According to Neil Parikh, one of the founders, “a lot of companies need 2-3 people to deal with that stuff [HR, payroll, benefits] and so I went with Justworks because it was just one fixed fee. You can have everything taken care of and just focus on launching the business, growing the business, and not have to worry about the annoying details. We shouldn’t be spending time on stuff that won’t help us grow.”

Employees in multiple states? We've got you covered

Hiring a few people in your home office is relatively straightforward, but what happens when foreign workers, interns, and people in other states get thrown into the mix? As Casper has grown, they’ve expanded beyond the typical NY-based W-2 employees to include interns, people on visas and employees across multiple states. Luckily, Justworks simplifies the onboarding process no matter how complex the situation.

“Thankfully these tricky situations become super easy. When you’re managing a team of people in multiple states, you have to think of taxes and what applies to each individual. We have people that are on visas, interning, all kinds of different things and there are a ton of questions that come with each situation. It’s nice to have a resource where you know you can just go and figure out what’s the best way to get these questions answered.”

Instead of reaching out to different government offices, working with accountants, and managing these tasks on their own, Casper has been able to utilize Justworks for these specific needs. As they continue to build-up their team, having a one resource for their HR needs saves them precious time and allows their attention to be focused on other aspects of their business.

It’s nice to have one platform where people can go in and sign up for stuff.

Neil Parikh

Co-Founder, Casper

Getting your team set-up with just a few clicks

When Casper got started, there were just five co-founders and all they needed was an easy way to pay everyone. As they grew, they expected the onboarding process to get more complex, but it never did. With Justworks, Casper was able to simply invite their newest team members to the platform and Justworks takes care of the rest.

“Whenever we hire someone we just introduce them to the Justworks team and they take care of everything, thankfully for us, it’s pretty much as simple as writing one email.” Once you’ve invited employees to Justworks, they can enter their own information and Justworks automates payments and sets them up with the proper insurance. “It's nice to have one platform where people can go in and sign up for stuff.” Instead of introducing his team to numerous services, Neil can make one introduction and have everything handled.

Justworks puts the human back in HR

Trusting another company to work directly with your team can be tough, and for Casper it was no different. They too wanted to make sure that their team was having the best possible onboarding experience. For them, the Justworks service was one of the biggest differentiators.

“It’s been wonderful. It’s super easy to use and makes our lives a lot easier. It’s nice working with a company that has people on the other side who actually care. The difference is when you’re with a huge company like a [competitor], there is no one on the other side to listen to you. Whereas with Justworks, the team is just an email away, so if there is ever a real problem or if you have a question, you don’t have to go through ten different support numbers and that’s a big deal for us.”

Payroll, healthcare and government compliance are important and sensitive subjects that have huge impacts on your employees. A real human touch and live people on the other side can build assurance that your team is in great hands.