Onboarding & managing a distributed team
Fluent City Languages were able to overcome growth challenges by using Justworks.


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How it Began

Since 2011, Fluent City Languages has been offering foreign language courses for young adults in cosmopolitan cities. With a large presence in New York as well as branches in D.C., Philly, and Boston, Fluent City provides fun, engaging classes for young adults that want to tackle a new language.

When the company was acquired by new owners in the Fall of 2014, they restructured their payroll and HR services and found that Justworks provided an excellent resource for all of their back office needs. In October of 2014, CEO James Rohrbach made the switch to Justworks and onboarded over 100 employees onto the system. Vanusa Pedrozo Costa, Director of Operations, spoke about the ease of managing their 150+ employees across multiple states and the simplicity Justworks provides.

Why Fluent City Chooses Justworks

Time saved on HR tasks

Our easy-to-use HR tools help you organize the information and relationships that make up your workforce.

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Support for remote employees

Justworks helps businesses hire and manage remote employees across the country more effectively.

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Easy onboarding

Justworks provides a seamless onboarding experience for you and your new employees.

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Managing a Team Across Multiple States – Easier than Ever

Running a team in one office can be a challenging enough. What about when your team is over a hundred people across four different states? What could be a nightmare is now a seamless experience for Fluent City.

“We have about 150 employees, the majority of which are part-time and 15 of which are full-time. The majority are spread out across four different states, so just knowing that all the correct taxes are being applied and withheld and having the proper compliance with each state, which I totally rely on Justworks to do, is amazing” says Vanusa.

Empowering Employees to Take Care of Their Needs

When you have over a hundred people on your staff, employee requests can easily add up and eat into your time. “My employees don’t even need to ask me questions about using the site because they’re able to figure out everything on their own or they get their paycheck email and they’re happy about it so they don’t even have any questions.” With Justworks, employees can bypass Vanusa’s inbox and just go straight to the site and our support resources to solve their problems.

“Even when we do have questions, or an employee has questions like ‘I want to update my bank account’ or ‘change my withholdings,' [...] there is a live chat and phone line with an actual person where you can just ask questions. There’s never been more than a thirty second wait to talk to someone at Justworks and that’s such a nice thing that I know I can tell my employees. I’d hate to have to refer them to a company that will put them on hold for 15-20 minutes, so that’s super helpful.” Making sure your team gets the support they need is a necessity.

"When we switched to Justworks, it was all just so easy. Justworks came to our office fully prepared, knew the budget that we had to work with and within one hour our company was all set-up."

Vanusa Pedrozo Costa

The Information You Need At Your Fingertips

No more wasting time trying to find valuable information, Justworks delivers the answers in an intuitive manner no matter the size of your company. In Vanusa’s own experience, even the ability to access your own data is a big step up.

“I didn’t ever receive an email from [my last payroll company] saying ‘your paycheck has been processed’. I couldn’t go anywhere to log in and see the amounts for the pay period. I know that the manager at the time had to email each person individually and inform them and then would get a lot of questions back about ‘how much was I paid for a specific period’. Using Justworks, I have a link in an email that takes me to their site and shows me exactly how much I made, what taxes were applied and the date range as well. That’s been a great new addition for us compared to how things operated for us in the past.”

Securing Healthcare Is Seamless and Affordable

Healthcare is top of mind not only for employers, but also for employees. No matter your size, Justworks helps get secure great rates and superior coverage.

“We recently relaunched healthcare for all full-time employees this past winter. Our previous healthcare, before Justworks, was incredibly expensive and it took a lot of time for our HR person to go through and figure out all the benefits of each plan and then make that information clear to all of our staff. When we switched to Justworks, it was all just so easy. Justworks came to our office fully prepared, knew the budget that we had to work with and within one hour our company was all set-up. We just filled out the forms and it’s actually better quality health care and a much more affordable price than we had in the past.”

“It was very cool to have the support and to get such better rates. We only have a small full-time staff, so by using Justworks, we were able to get much better rates for a small group than we ever had in the past.” Using an aggregated model, Justworks can do for small business what used to be reserved for giant corporations.

A quick and easy transition

A new HR and payroll system can certainly seem daunting at first. A new way to handle payments, store important paperwork and onboard employees needs to be smooth and simple.

“The calendar is awesome and the upcoming payments right when you log in is great.” Clear navigation takes you directly where you want to go. Fumbling around is such a thing of the past."

“Another thing that’s been super helpful is having all of our paperwork in one place and in a digital format. In the past, we’ve had things all over the place in different formats, we used Google Drive, and other systems to keep track of employee paperwork. Now, we just log in to Justworks and it’s super simple to find all my employees’ documents. I can see their W-2s, I-9s, and any documents I choose to upload That’s been super helpful, both from a manager’s point of view and even for me when I needed a copy of my own W-2, it was very easy to find it! Having that convenience for my employees is super great.” Even the dreaded tax season becomes less of a hassle since Justworks manages all of your year-end reporting and compliance.

“At the end of the year, it was just phenomenal to have the W-2s handled by Justworks, especially in past years when we used Paychex when we personally had to mail hard copies and get the correct authorization which resulted in three to four months of constant work just to make sure employees received their W-2s, whereas now, I didn’t have to handle it at all. That was great!”

One Resource to Take Care of Your Team

Adding to your growing team should be a dream, not a headache. For a company with a distributed workforce, growth can be even more painful. At Fluent City Languages, they were able to fix that by using Justworks.

In Vanusa’s own words, “Once an employee is offered the job, they’re sent an email and sign up for Justworks. From there, they complete all the paperwork and it works pretty seamlessly. We don’t have to meet with all the employees in person (when you’re all along the east coast, that’s essential). Even if they have questions regarding their I-9s and W-4s, we can refer them to Justworks which has been great and saves us a huge amount of time. I’ll get all of their paperwork, passports, and get them set-up.”