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The Problem

GivingData’s company began to grow. But with that came real pains — like falling out of compliance and facing huge fines.

Founding partner of GivingData Alfred Gracombe felt excited as his business began to expand its team. The company, which helps foundations award grants to non-profits, bootstrapped and was built from the ground up.

Alfred was administering payroll with Quickbooks for his employees, then he got some bad news. He was out of compliance — and was fined a whopping $26,000.

“It was just because I didn’t know what I was doing... and compliance was eating my soul,” said Alfred. “It would have sunk my business at the time.”

With our business growing so quickly, we needed a solution that could take HR compliance issues off my shoulders.

Giving data headshot

Alfred Gracombe

Founding Partner

The Solution

The company found that a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) would help navigate the challenges of paying a distributed team.

After realizing he didn’t have the expertise to administer payroll without help, Alfred began looking for concrete solutions.

“We started to build the company and hire a bigger team,” said Alfred. “We needed something that could scale for us.”

That included searching nationally for talent to stay competitive. “That’s when I started to look into options,” said Alfred.

With a PEO, the ability to get professional help on payroll, hire a distributed team across state lines, and offer them all quality healthcare sat well within reach.

He researched several PEOs and decided on Justworks because of its modern platform and straightforward sales process.

Biggest Justworks Wins

Assistance with payroll tax

Access to employee benefits

Recruiting advantages

The Result

Justworks allowed GivingData to run their business more smoothly — and hire the best talent in a competitive space.

Signing up for Justworks offered several solutions for Alfred.

For starters, he got assistance on payroll for employees who work across the country. Plus, his time and energy is now more focused on running his business, instead of worrying about the distracting sidework that comes with business operations.

He also began offering quality healthcare to his team, and now has a competitive recruiting advantage.

“From a recruitment standpoint, the healthcare option in particular has been very important,” said Alfred. “I was never able to offer healthcare until just a few months ago. It’s a huge win.”

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