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Justworks doesn’t feel like an HR company. It feels like somebody is serving my needs and having to win me as a client everyday.


Per Vidar Lundberg

As a company that educates thousands of professionals a year on how to use digital tools and methods to accelerate their business, Hyper Island is no stranger to modern technology in the workplace. So it’s only fitting they chose Justworks to handle their HR needs.

Per Vidar Lundberg, Global Director of Executive Education at Hyper Island, spoke about how switching to Justworks took his company’s HR services from fax machines and paperwork into the digital age.

“I’m from Sweden, so I’m used to efficient handling and large companies that are digitalized,” said Per Vidar. “Justworks’ website has a flow that suits my behavior and a design I can understand.”

After switching over, he also immediately noticed a difference in service.

Biggest Justworks Wins

Tech-forward solution

Top-tier customer support

Easy to use

“It’s also simple to use. It’s fast and I get support if I need it. It’s not like I’m being shipped around and have to tell my story five times,” said Per Vidar.

Per Vidar’s job entails bringing businesses into the 21st century, which is just one reason he likes Justworks modern and integrated platform.

“All of us are digital experts. We have 50 apps on our phones and we expect a seamless experience,” he said. “[With Justworks] if I need to change a salary or adjust vacation days, it’s very easy to do. I really love the chat functions, and it’s easy to get in contact with people at the support desk. It’s a kind of software approach, which I really like.”

And his employees are fans of it, too.

“With [our former HR partner], simple things like applying for vacation days were so complicated. Now it’s so easy. The fact that [our employees] aren’t focused on it shows that it works.”

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