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Imprint is a service that allows you to celebrate someone you love by making a beautiful collection of photos, videos, wishes, and toasts. For a special occasion or just because, you can gather your thoughts and memories about a loved one and invite friends and family to add theirs. Together, you’ll create a meaningful, enduring gift. Ruth Pardee, Operations and Financial Coordinator, took some time out of her busy schedule, to talk with us about how Justworks has changed the way that Imprint takes care of their team.

Literally, there was nothing I had to learn or figure out: nowhere that I had to send paperwork to. It was just so super simple, pain-free, easy, and hands-off!


Ruth Pardee

Operations and Financial Coordinator, Imprint

“I Had Never Handled Payroll Before!”

Ruth explained that when she joined the Imprint team, she had inherited the Justworks account from her predecessor. Says Ruth, “I came on as someone who had never handled payroll before, so I was worried about all the different forms I would have to fill out, all the direct deposit information I would need to collect. It turns out, this was the easiest transition of any of my operations responsibilities. Literally, there was nothing I had to learn or figure out: nowhere that I had to send paperwork to. It was just so super simple, pain-free, easy, and hands-off!”

Built-in Compliance Without Lifting a Finger

One of the biggest wins for Ruth with Justworks has been “not having to know, for example, what all the government requirements are in terms of deductions from payroll.” She details that she recently had to research payroll for another company she works for. “I just started to realize quite how painful it is to do it on your own, and how many different federal and state agencies I’d have to contact regularly. Any time an employee change was needed, I would have to go in and do that manually. I can’t even imagine how much time that would take out of my day.”

Biggest Justworks Wins

Stress free onboarding

Less paperwork

Great benefits offerings

Top Notch Customer Support

“As someone new to handling payroll, having Justworks customer service available, and so wonderful and responsive, has been the best thing I could ask for. The support team has been so helpful that, again, as someone new to this, there was no learning the ropes. They helped me with everything I ever had questions about.”

Negotiating Health Insurance Through Brokers Is A Big Time Suck

As Ruth got a handle on her payroll responsibilities with Imprint, she also inherited negotiating health insurance for her team. She explains, “We had already been in the process of negotiating health insurance plans with a broker. The biggest problem was that I had to learn all of the ins and outs of health insurance, which is a really difficult thing to get a handle on. There’s so much prior knowledge needed to make decisions, especially with all the changes that happened with the Affordable Care Act, and even just learning the terminology, all the forms you need, and what the different benefits really mean. That was a hard project to take on, and the pressure to choose the right plan is a pretty daunting one. Had we done it through Justworks, I’m sure it would have been a much simpler process.”

I can't really imagine being a small company like we are and not being part of a PEO - I'm very thankful that we use Justworks!


Ruth Pardee

Operations and Financial Coordinator

Stress-free Employee Onboarding

“I send one invite link out to them, and they fill out all the forms that they need and all of the direct deposit information. Once I send that, I don’t need to do anything from my end. The fact that I don’t need to track any of those documents or collect that information myself is huge. On an ongoing basis, whenever employees want to make changes, I also don’t have to follow up with all those forms, submit it to different people, etc. They can login on their own and make the changes they need, like changing their deductions, updating their bank account, or anything they need to do. Just the fact that I literally don’t have to do any of that will just continue to give me more and more time as we grow as a company.”

Time Savings With Justworks Translates Into A Focus On Finance

With the time Ruth is saving using Justworks, she has been able to take on the finance side of Imprint’s business. “ We had an outsourced company doing our bookkeeping, but I thought, I can do that. I have time. I can learn that. The fact that I had time to take on bookkeeping and financial projections, and bring it all in-house, has helped our company immensely.

401(k) FTW

Picking the right 401(k) plan for your team is an example of another world where there’s a lot of detailed information to learn and to know, and choosing a plan for your company can involve a lot of time to figure out the right solution. Ruth describes that, “With Justworks, I didn’t have to learn all of the ins and outs of 401(k), and I knew we were offering our employees a great choice of different funds and a really solid plan. When we told everyone in the company, they were shocked (and happy!) at the level of choice and flexibility with the 401(k) offerings. One of our employees used to work for Fidelity, so she knows a lot about investing, so the fact we can offer 401(k) options backed by Fidelity was a big win for her. We were able to offer both a 401(k) and a Roth 401(k), and the amount of options we’re able to offer our team is pretty astounding for a company of our size.”

The PEO advantage

The fact that we’re part of Justworks PEO, as a small company, enables us to offer so many benefits to our employees, like commuter benefits, and a 401(k). I think those are two things that, without the power of a much larger group that the PEO provides us, would be really, really hard as a small company to offer. At very least, it would be tricky to figure out, and we definitely couldn’t offer employees the same level of benefits. I can’t really imagine being a small company like we are and not being part of a PEO – we’re so lucky that we are. I’m very thankful that my predecessor chose Justworks!”

No matter how many employees you have, Justworks gives you access to enterprise-level benefits and services. Get in touch, and let us know how we can help you and your team!

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