Are you considering switching from your current benefits or payroll provider to a service that will work better for your team?

Making the switch between HR providers can seem like a daunting task, so we interviewed small businesses who have been through it before and changed over to Justworks. Here’s what they had to say about life before Justworks, their experiences making the transition, and how their companies are operating now.

Before Justworks

Joe Clark, Financial Controller at Qubit, had been struggling with his payroll provider before he switched over Justworks’ all-in-one solution.

“[Before using Justworks] we were working with a competitor who were pretty abysmal in terms of level of service, and their technology was very old,” said Joe. “I was wasting an awful lot of time just trying to do basic administration for our growing U.S. team, it wasn’t working out and I was getting pretty frustrated.”

Brett Strassman of TodayTix had a similar experience, but with another PEO, or Professional Employer Organization. TodayTix liked the PEO model, but were not happy with the ease of use and level of service they were getting from their former provider.

“First, they were expensive. Second, it was so complicated. You had to call four different people just to get an answer or make a change. And everything was manual. You had to do the calculations yourself. Being able to do everything in a timely fashion is important,” said Strassman.

Literally, there was nothing I had to learn or figure out: nowhere that I had to send paperwork to. It was just so simple, pain-free, easy, and hands-off!


Ruth Pardee

Operations and Financial Coordinator

Making the Switch

Luckily, switching over wasn’t a nightmare. In fact, it was really easy.

You can enroll for workers’ compensation and benefits online through an easy-to-use interface — everything is simple and automated.

Vanusa Perozo Costa of Fluent City spoke of her experience switching: “When we switched to Justworks, it was all just so easy. Justworks came to our office fully prepared, knew the budget that we had to work with, and within one hour our company was all set-up.”

The intuitive interface helps guide customers through the onboarding process seamlessly.

Christina Boland of Grind said of the Justworks product: “The fact that you have a beautiful, clean site with good UX is a big deal. The site is so clearly laid out. We were nervous we were missing something because it was so easy. It’s been pretty foolproof. There’s no way for me or an employee to mess up.”

Plus, you’ll have a responsive, dedicated onboarding manager for any questions along the way.

As Casper co-founder and COO Neil Parikh put it, “Whenever we hire someone, we just introduce them to the Justworks team and they take care of everything, thankfully for us. It’s nice to have one platform where people can go in and sign up for stuff."

Improvements After Switching

Justworks’ new customers saw a slew of positive benefits after making the change. Here are six that stood out above the rest:

1. More Intuitive Technology

Justworks’ interface was created with ease of use in mind. As Per Vidar Lundberg of Hyper Island put it, “The [Justworks] homepage looks good and it’s got a UX [...] that I understand. It’s got a flow that suits my behavior and if it doesn’t, it has a design I can understand.”

That means finding employee pay stubs, PTO tracking, and benefits records in a matter of seconds. It also means not having to deal with a maze of confusing logins and different passwords.

2. Time and Money Savings

Switching over to Justworks provided more time to focus on important work — and also ended up saving money.

Mike Arnesen, CEO of Upbuild, could tell right away it was a better fit for his distributed team. “We can afford to be much leaner and much more financially flexible [without a full-time payroll and benefits manager],” said Mike.

Qubit also saved a large chunk of money. As Joe Clark recalled, “In addition to significant time saved through outsourcing the admin to [Justworks], we were also able to save in the region of $60,000 on projected costs for the coming year.”

Justworks offers transparent pricing plans which you can check out online here.

Whenever we hire someone, we just introduce them to the Justworks team and they take care of everything, thankfully for us. It’s nice to have one platform where people can go in and sign up for stuff.

Neil casper

Neil Parikh

Casper co-founder and COO

3. Simpler Employee Onboarding

Just as switching over was a seamless transition, the onboarding experience for TodayTix’s employees was quick and painless for both Brett Strassman and the new hires.

“To add new employees on [our previous PEO's platform], I would have to fill out all this paperwork for the new hires. On Justworks, they do everything. They sign up. They’re in control. They can do it on their time. New hires appreciate that and I’m excited I don’t have to onboard them for hours,” said Strassman.

Employees are able to enroll in their healthcare plans, including medical, dental, and vision, without the employer having to do the necessary paperwork for them. It’s just one more way the simple interface will save both you and your employees time.

4. Better Healthcare at Better Rates

Both Alex Markov and his employees at Red Key Solutions felt an immediate improvement in benefits after they switched over.

“For smaller companies, good dental and good vision are very prohibitive. You can get cheap dental, but it covers nothing, it’s just throwing money out the window,” said Alex. His company now offers employees medical, dental vision, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance — the list goes on.

Because the costs are bundled together at large group rates with a PEO, businesses are also able to save money on all that quality healthcare as well.

As Vanusa Perozo Costa of Fluent City put it, “By using Justworks, we were able to get much better rates for a small group than we ever had in the past.”

5. Less Admin and Paperwork

Ruth Pardee of Imprint saw less time-consuming administration work when she switched over to Justworks.

“Literally, there was nothing I had to learn or figure out: nowhere that I had to send paperwork to. It was just so simple, pain-free, easy, and hands-off!”

One of the biggest wins for Ruth with Justworks has been “not having to know, for example, what all the government requirements are in terms of deductions from payroll.”

She details that she recently had to research payroll for another company she works for. “I just started to realize quite how painful it is to do it on your own, and how many different federal and state agencies I’d have to contact regularly. Any time an employee change was needed, I would have to go in and do that manually. I can’t even imagine how much time that would take out of my day.”

Switching to Justworks, new members often see a drastic reduction in paperwork for benefits administration, and more paperwork can be done in the app, like I9s. Your account manager will also handle unemployment insurance notices, W2s, and 1099s.

6. Personalized Customer Support

With Justworks’ services, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who knows your company.

Brett Strassman of TodayTix loved the ease of talking to a customer support rep after switching from a competitor. “It’s easier to have one-on-one conversations with customer service than it is to talk with a machine, leave a message, and wait to have someone call you back,” said Strassman. “I talk to customer support at Justworks all the time and they get stuff done.”

Best of all, your account manager will know your company’s history and help talk you through any confusing aspects of compliance or changing laws that may affect your workplace.

Considering Making the Switch?

We know how important it is to care for your team and keep them happy and productive. Justworks offers affordable employee benefits and perks that will give your small business an advantage.

We achieve this by pooling together customers to increase buying power, with access to top-quality healthcare. Justworks also takes care of dental, vision, pre-tax commuter, 401(k), life insurance, and numerous other benefits and perks.

Interested in learning more? Give us a ring at (888) 534-1711 or email us at

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