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Justworks definitely allows us to do so much more with less.

Sascha mayer

Sascha Mayer

Co-Founder and CEO, Mamava

Sascha Mayer and Christine Dobson founded Mamava to make nursing easier for working moms everywhere. As their motto states, “Nursing should be a right, not a privilege.” Their company designs and builds freestanding lactation suites that can be found in airports, offices, event spaces, and other locations across the country.

While their goal was to transform the culture of breastfeeding, Sascha and her co-founder knew when they started their business that they wanted to have a great company culture and offer great benefits.

“Before we even had our first employee, we had an employee manual, and we had a benefits package and work standards,” Sascha said.

As Mamava sold more lactation suites and began to scale, the administrative challenges grew, too. They wanted to continue offering great benefits to their growing team, which included remote employees. Sascha knew they needed a cloud-based solution to streamline their process.

Biggest Justworks Wins

Access to rich benefits

Self-service platform

Remote employee management

Joining the Justworks Family

When businesses start out, everyone wears a lot of hats. Sascha says at Mamava, they still do. But at a certain point, it was time to bring in some help. That’s where Justworks came in. By joining the platform, Mamava was able to manage payroll, HR, access to benefits, and more for their team under one simple login.

“In the end, it not only made sense from a process standpoint, but economically it was going to actually save us a little money by going to Justworks,” Sascha said.

From day one, Mamava’s founders wanted to offer a good benefits package to their team. Access to the rich plans offered through Justworks passed the test for their employees. According to Mamava’s CFO, Brian Wannop, the team not only enjoys the benefits, but the simple and intuitive platform as well.

“I didn’t have to walk a single employee through the initial login and profile creation when we went live with it,” Brian said. “Signing up for benefits was just as easy and takes our employees less than two minutes to select which benefits they would like. Also, knowing that they have one resource they can refer to in the future for pay stubs, tax forms, and a summary of their benefits is empowering for them.”

Streamlining with Software

Sascha also knew that a cloud solution would allow her company to grow and scale — something she doesn’t think would have been possible five or 10 years ago.

“It has been these cloud-based platforms like Justworks that really enable this entrepreneurship. We can tap into this type of offering and it’s just so streamlined, so efficient, and so helpful, and it lets us focus on the core of our business.”

In addition to cost savings and access to great benefits, Sascha appreciates the ease and convenience of the Justworks platform. As an admin, there are lots of features that make her life just that much easier, like viewing an employee’s Work History.

“As a manager, for me to say ‘Oh, what was the hire date of that person? What was their last raise?’ All of that stuff is at your fingertips with this platform, which is super convenient,” she said.

Justworks also makes it easier to onboard and manage Mamava’s remote employees across the country.

“With that growth, having this tool makes it really easy to bring people on board, make sure all the paperwork is properly filed, and know the employee has all the information about our benefits.”

At the end of the day, Sascha says, “Justworks definitely allows us to do so much more with less.”

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