Providing health insurance for the first time
As TransitScreen continued to grow, they needed more comprehensive health insurance options for payroll and HR needs.


Since 2017

Company size

20 employees




Washington, D.C.

How it Began

If you’re in a new location and aren’t sure how to get to your next destination quickly, TransitScreen has a solution for that.

TransitScreen, a tech service company based in Washington, D.C., pools real-time transit information, and puts it on a central screen based on address or location. Their customer base is varied: from building offices and lobbies to hospitals and other public locations.

The company has grown from five part-time employees to 20 full-time employees in the past few years. And with a growing team, came new needs.

Before signing up for Justworks, some TransitScreen employees didn’t have any health insurance, or they were getting insurance through their spouse’s plan. But as TransitScreen continued to grow, it needed more comprehensive health insurance options paired along with an all-in-one solution for payroll and HR needs. TransitScreen briefly used another competitor, but it wasn’t working out. Then, they turned to Justworks.

"Everything on Justworks is more clear and transparent." Julie Giffin

Why TransitScreen Chooses Justworks

Competitive Benefits

Get access to corporate-level benefits, without going corporate.

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Streamlined payroll

We offer a simplified payroll process and effortless integrations, so you can make any payments you need to - at no extra cost.

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Easy onboarding

Justworks provides a seamless onboarding experience for you and your new employees.

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Exceptional Benefits & Payroll

TransitScreen signed onto Justworks to help them with access to health insurance, payroll processing, and HR assistance. “Payroll is much more simple,” said Julie Giffin, Head of Customer Success at TransitScreen. “Everything on Justworks is more clear and transparent.”

She also appreciates the benefits suite that came along with it, such as sports club discounts, commuter benefits, and access to One Medical. “The benefits options are good and we’ve appreciated having all these benefits add-ons,” said Julie. “It’s one less thing we have to worry about on our end.”

Gaining access to health insurance and ancillary benefits were one of many upsides for the team. Employee onboarding and payroll processing also became much more simple.

“This was a seamless process and nobody complained about setting up Justworks,” said Julie. “It’s really easy to onboard new employees. Doing all the I-9 info is quick. And once employees sign in, you don’t have to walk them through step-by-step. You can enter your payroll information and it alerts you if you’re missing anything.”

Responsive Customer Support

Justworks’ level of support also stood out above the rest. “The support is great, and we love the chat function,” said Julie. “If someone needs help using their account, you can just go onto the Justworks site and chat someone on the support team for a quick response, rather than spending your time on the phone waiting on hold!”

Now the growing TransitScreen team has access to high-quality health insurance and other desirable perks. Best of all, they now have more time on their hands to focus on running the business, instead of worrying about health insurance and payroll.