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Hiring and Onboarding
13 Ways To Onboard Happy Employees and Increase Retention
POSTED ON December 21 IN Hiring and Onboarding
Onboarding new hires can help you increase retention and make sure they get started fast. Here's a checklist to help out.
Running a Business 101
Make Customers Happy By Growing Employee Satisfaction (Yes, Really)
POSTED ON May 11 IN Running a Business 101
An NPS score helps your company gauge employee and customer satisfaction, predict turnover, and create a better work environment.
Managing Your Team
4 Outdoor Activities That Boost Employee Motivation and Productivity
POSTED ON May 4 IN Managing Your Team
Boosting employee motivation doesn't have to be expensive - head outside!
Managing Your Team
Boost Employee Morale and ROI Without Paying a Dime
POSTED ON April 14 IN Managing Your Team
Boosting employee morale doesn't have to be expensive. Here are some quick tips on how to accomplish it on a small budget.
Managing Your Team
Unlimited Vacation: Richard Branson’s Doing It, But Should You?
POSTED ON April 6 IN Managing Your Team
Considering unlimited vacation policies? Read through these pros and cons first.
Hiring and Onboarding
Hiring Trends: What Uber, Lyft, Kerry Washington & Social Media Have in Common
POSTED ON April 2 IN Hiring and Onboarding
Lots happened in Q1. Uber and Lyft are going to trial about whether drivers are employees, automation is taking over hiring, and more.
Running a Business 101
Pick & Choose Which Religious Holidays Your Company Should Have Off
POSTED ON March 23 IN Running a Business 101
What religious holidays should you give your employees? Read here to learn the laws and good policies around it.