Whenever we hire someone we just introduce them to the Justworks team and they take care of everything, thankfully for us. It’s nice to have one platform where people can go in and sign up for stuff.

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Neil Parikh

Co-founder & COO, Casper

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It's especially easy for your employees

Invite your employees, and it takes them five minutes to join your team on Justworks. They'll do everything online, from entering direct deposit details to picking health insurance plans.

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Workers' compensation, done online

To set up your workers' compensation policy, we're going to need some data about your company. Don't worry though, you won't need to fax us any forms. Everything is online.

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Benefits, anyone?

If you're looking to offer benefits to your team, we'll help you evaluate your options and set them up. Our onboarding team will walk you through all the options and help you understand important details. Once you've picked, your team will enroll in benefits online.

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Get started fast

Getting started with Justworks is simple. The entire onboarding process is quick and easy and we'll even help you switch from your current provider.