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Washington, D.C.

Justworks has been great at allowing us to operate the flow of money from a vendor, payroll, back-office perspective.

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Colin Moffett

Managing Partner

Built with Purpose

Colin wanted to prevent the mistakes he had seen other businesses make in the past. For starters, the tools he used in previous work environments made the day-to-day experience a headache. “The tools were all these overwrought, horrible to use tools that created more work than they were worth,” said Colin.

So he and his co-founder sought out a better way. Just as they built Artemis Ward with thought and purpose, they chose the best tools and processes from the start, including Justworks’ payroll and HR platform. “As we brought on employees, we didn’t want them to feel like they were working for a podunk startup,” said Colin.

Colin chose Justworks to run back-office operations with ease, and appreciated the intuitive software platform. With Justworks, Colin was able to run automatic, direct-deposit payroll for salaried employees. He also paid vendors and contractors in one place.

Additionally, software integrations with platforms like Xero helped Colin run his back-office operations smoothly. “Our philosophy has always been that the tools free you up to do the job. We run a pretty lean operation and do so on purpose,” said Colin.

Biggest Justworks Wins

Easy To Use

Modern and Scalable

Speeds Up Day-to-Day HR Tasks

The Right Tools for Running a Business

Colin now has the right tools to run his business seamlessly. With payroll and other administrative tasks off his plate, he can focus on bigger aspects of the business. “One of the things important to me was finding tools employees would benefit from and use on a personal level,” said Colin.

With Justworks’ modern platform, tasks like requesting paid time-off and storing company documents in a singular, safe place became a simple and intuitive process for the whole team. “Justworks has been great at allowing us to operate the flow of money from a vendor, payroll, back-office perspective,” Colin added.

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