As a PEO, we get you access to high-quality health insurance at affordable rates AND support your employment related compliance needs. How so? We group our customers together under the Justworks umbrella. This gives you access to better health insurance at lower rates, normally only available to larger companies. It also means we provide payroll tax support, handle your payroll tax filings, and give HR guidance.

Like non-PEO solutions, we offer a modern user experience coupled with intuitive self-serve technology. The power of a PEO with the simplicity of Justworks. Harness the best of both worlds so you can work fearlessly.

Reason 1: Access to Better Benefits

Whether you’re 5 or 80 people, there’s no reason you should pay more for benefits. We believe in leveling the playing field, and getting access to large company benefits for companies of every size - so you can offer the care your team deserves and compete for top talent. Because Justworks is set up as a PEO, we bring all our companies together to negotiate directly with the best health care carriers. Short story: You get to take care of your team by offering them the best benefits, from the best carriers, for less cost than small group rates.

Reason 2: Compliance Support

You didn’t start your business to file paperwork, but someone still has to do it. We help you with the tedious and complex work of filing, reporting, and navigating payroll related taxes. Short story: You can become an expert in tax and employment related compliance across all 50 states, or you can focus on what makes your business succeed.

Reason 3: HR Guidance

There will be times when you will have important HR questions that can't just be answered by searching online. As a PEO, we can help you answer those questions with the support of lawyers, accountants, and HR experts. Be it a big or small question, you can always turn to us and rely on us to help you out. Oh yeah, and it's at no added cost to you.

Commitment to Fee Transparency

Trusting a partner with your company's payroll and benefits requires, well, trust. We promise we will never mark up any fees or costs from federal, state or local governments, or any third parties. We will charge fees as soon as we know about them. And all fees will be viewable on your invoice history, with a label or explanation.


Want to know more about the Justworks model?

Save yourself time and confusion with Justworks. Still want to know more? We wrote a guide to answer all your questions about PEOs and how they work. Download it here.

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