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Ditch the Spreadsheets With Our HR Management Software

Manage your team from one place with human resources tools we’ve built from the ground up.

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Let Justworks handle the administrative HR tasks that bog you down, so you can get back to running your business. We’ve built HRIS tools and integrations that take care of your team and keep everyone on the same page.

Human Resources can be complicated, which is why our HR experts are here for you 24/7 with full-service support along the way.

Streamline Hiring and Onboarding

Have confidence you’re expanding your team the right way. Onboarding your employees to Justworks is simple, automated, and online. Your team can onboard using our online dashboard, from entering direct deposit details to picking health insurance plans.

Calculate, Manage, and Approve Paid Time Off

Managing paid time off, made simple. Set up your vacation and sick leave policies in Justworks. Track accruals, approve PTO requests, set your holiday calendar, and sync your Justworks PTO calendar with your own.

Employees can even manage their PTO and view their team’s PTO within Justworks.

Manage employee paid time off with Justworks' HRIS tools.

Track Business Insights with Customized Reports

Track a range of key business metrics with Reporting by Justworks.

Our range of pre-built reports combine only the most relevant data points and present them in a comprehensible and usable way so you make sense of your data faster. Customize the reports in real-time and instantaneously view the results right from within Justworks, no download necessary.

Custom Report Tools

Give Employees Easy Access to the Right Info

Securely connect employees with their individual information. In Justworks, your employees will find their W-2s and you can upload performance reviews, stock option grants, and more.

Document and access the employee info you need to manage your team: you can create custom entry fields and easily review employee histories.

Justworks built its HRIS and HR management tools from the ground up

Set Flexible Permissions for Your Team

Rest easy by giving the right members of your team access to various functions within Justworks. Your accountant can make expense reimbursements, your head of HR can approve PTO requests, your COO can elect benefits.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Keep your team on the same page with a company directory, place to store company policies, and a calendar with birthdays, anniversaries, pay dates, and more.

Manage employee paid time off with Justworks

24/7, Full-Service Support Along the Way

Lead your team forward with 24/7 support from Justworks. We provide you with the HR tools and support you need to create a great place to work.

Use our HRIS Tools to:

  • Onboard employees online
  • Manage paid time off
  • Approve time off from email
  • Track key business metrics
  • Set your holiday calendar
  • Establish a company directory
  • Set up your employee handbook
  • Add your vacation policies
  • Add your sick leave policies
  • Store important employee docs
  • Store company policies

“Justworks saves us time and money. We consider it an important part of keeping our team happy.”

Ken Yarmoush

Founder & CEO

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HR Tools for You and Your Team

We’ve built tools from the ground up to make your day-to-day — and your employees’ — simpler and more streamlined. See how our Payroll Tools help you pay your people, whatever shape and size your team takes.
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