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Through Justworks, we’re able to reduce the cost we spend on health insurance, and then because of that, actually offer more benefits.

Brian wesolowski cdt

Brian Wesolowski

Chief of Staff, Director of Communications

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is a nonprofit that advocates for the digital rights of individuals globally. The organization, founded in 1994, has been around since the internet was young. Today, internet access is a global resource, and a necessity for so many people. CDT works to make sure that everyone has equal access and equal opportunity.

Unfortunately for this tech-savvy company, some aspects of their business weren’t so tech-forward — like payroll, benefits, and HR. Brian Wesolowski, Chief of Staff and Director of Communications at CDT, said they weren’t using an online platform to manage any of their back-office functions.

“We had spreadsheets — no joke — for time off tracking,” said Brian. “We did a lot on an ad-hoc basis, centered mostly in one position, but with a lot of different outside vendors.”

In 2017, Brian and his team decided to make a change, and make the switch to Justworks.

Biggest Justworks Wins

Tech-forward platform

Cost savings

Expert customer service

The Right Technology

As a tech organization, not having a tech-forward solution to manage their employees simply wasn’t working for the CDT team.

“As we took a look at our team and their expectations, we just weren’t getting it right,” Brian said. “Finding a platform where they could access their payroll, access their tax forms, access the employee manual, manage their time off — all in one place — that was really something we wanted to accomplish.”

With Justworks, the CDT team can do all that and more, including managing and understanding their benefits. Brian added that the platform gets rave reviews from employees, as does the interactions they have with customer support.

“The fact that if we have a question as administrators, and even when staff have questions, can reach out to Justworks and get answers very quickly — we found that to be amazing,” Brian said.

A Budget-Friendly Solution

Of course, as a nonprofit, budget was a huge issue for CDT. In addition, offering access to rich benefits was vitally important to Brian and his team. As a Justworks customer, CDT was able not only to save money, but also to gain more certainty when it came to the cost of benefits overall.

“Through Justworks we’re able to reduce the cost we spend on health insurance, and then because of that, actually offer more benefits,” said Brian.

“We really appreciated the team at Justworks helping us through the process in terms of making a decision, comparing them to other PEOs, and then doing a fantastic job of onboarding us,” Brian said.

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