Accessing richer health plans
Gem started to get feedback from employees that their benefits just weren’t quite cutting it anymore. It was time to look for a new solution.


Since 2017

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Venice, CA

How it Began

Gem, a blockchain tech startup based in Venice Beach, California, makes investing in cryptocurrency easy and accessible to all. And with their portfolio app, users are able to track their assets and discover new things about cryptocurrency. As they’ll tell you, it’s the friendliest way to manage your crypto portfolio.

But while the company established themselves in this emerging industry, Madeline Mann, Director of People Operations, started to get feedback from employees that their benefits just weren’t quite cutting it anymore. It was time to look for a new solution.

Why Gem Chooses Justworks

Competitive Benefits

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Expert customer service

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Richer Plans, Lower Prices

When Madeline started at Gem, they weren’t using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to access health insurance for the team. She came to realize the system they were using made it difficult to get the kind of coverage her employees wanted at prices that wouldn’t break the bank.

“When I looked at what richer plans would cost, it wasn’t very affordable for a company like us,” Madeline said. “I wanted to have my cake and eat it too — how do I have richer plans at lower prices? That started my journey into PEO land.”

By making the switch to Justworks’ PEO model, the Gem team is able to access big-company benefits they couldn’t get otherwise. Having payroll and benefits all in one platform makes for a good user experience for the team. They get all their essentials in one place.

“Other PEOs tried to sell me on a lot of the bells and whistles, but when I looked at the value, I realized I really didn’t need all those things,” Madeline said. “I would rather go with something that’s a bit more affordable, but also gives me what I need.” With Justworks, she got just that.

"Justworks has been super responsive. People are always helpful."

Madeline Mann

Support That Brings Peace of Mind

The 24/7 support that comes hand-in-hand with being a Justworks customer has also been a big perk for Madeline and her team. Processes that are often dreaded or considered complicated — such as open enrollment — are easy with Justworks’ platform and support. “It makes it very simplified,” said Madeline.

“Justworks has been super responsive,” she added. “People are always helpful.”

And knowing that her dedicated Justworks Account Manager has her back gives Madeline additional peace of mind, especially when it comes to unexpected or sticky employment situations that may arise. “It’s been really nice to know that I have you guys,” she said.