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[Justworks] is a win-win for both the company and the employee.

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Rick Greenblatt


Founded in 2015, Travel Equity Partners is a collection of travel companies in a partnership to deliver more value to their clients. While the executive team is based in Atlanta, the company employs more than 80 people at locations around the country. From corporate travel, to leisure travel, to mission travel, Travel Equity Partners leads and supports a variety of business models in the travel space.

Of course, buying, combining, and managing travel agencies in multiple states brings its fair share of business complexity. And when it came to the way the company was handling benefits and HR for around 80 employees, it was time for a change.

CFO Rick Greenblatt was ready for a PEO.

Biggest Justworks Wins

Competitive benefits

National health insurance coverage

Easy-to-use platform

Seeing the Savings

Prior to joining Justworks, Travel Equity Partners used a payroll provider to run payroll and 401(k) administration, and a broker for benefits. Utilizing these separate solutions was proving to be unwieldy, and the rising cost of health insurance was taking a toll.

“As you probably know, especially for companies smaller in size, the benefit increases can be pretty significant,” Rick said. “That was the primary driver for us to look for alternatives.”

He knew that by participating in a PEO, Travel Equity Partners would be able to join forces with other Justworks customers to access high-quality health insurance at more affordable rates.

Another key factor was finding a solution that could provide coverage for their employees across 13 states. With Justworks, Travel Equity Partners was able to get national coverage for their whole team, and save money to boot.

A Better Experience

Beyond the improved health insurance coverage and savings, moving to the PEO model offered a better experience for Rick and his team. From the admin perspective, having payroll and benefits on one system is simpler to manage — and Justworks’ ease of use is an added perk.

“I don’t want to say it’s night and day, but it’s a vastly better product from a navigation standpoint than what we were doing before,” Rick said.

Even outside of Rick’s office, Travel Equity Partners as a whole is seeing the positive impact of switching to Justworks.

“Our employees are excited about it from the standpoint that they’re getting a better benefit at a cheaper rate,” Rick said. “From a company perspective, we pay less than we were as well. It’s a win-win for both the company and the employee.”

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